20 Popular Primary Schools In Nairobi

by | Nov 23, 2021

primary schools in nairobi

Looking to relocate to Kenya’s capital city? School options for your children will be one of the first things on your mind. Therefore, here are several public and private primary schools in Nairobi you can check out, including all the important details. You can weigh your choices and pick the best fit for your family.

1. Light International School

The infrastructure in this school is outstanding. With multiple storey buildings and great facilities, the students’ experience is memorable. Perks include great performance, good food, 21st-century learning methods as well as access to the great Light Academy as a secondary institution.

Location: Silanga Road, Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.8 stars, (85 reviews)

2. Hillside School Utawala

Known for its great facilities and comprehensive extracurricular activities, Hillside School is an institution of excellence. The school offers the Competency-Based Curriculum from Grades One to Four and also had a recent average KCPE mean score of 395 out of 500.

Location: Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.6 stars, (72 reviews)

3. Moi Forces Academy Primary School

Ran by the Nairobi City County, MFA Primary School enjoys a lot of security, with a big compound and playing fields for learners. The school is very clean, with tarmac roads, sprawling trees, and green grass. It is also well-managed with a qualified administration team.

Location: Juja Road, Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.4 stars, (70 reviews)

4. Consolata School

Consolata School is hard to miss, especially for residents of Westlands and the Riverside area. Located on Chiromo Road, the school has a long history of great value as well as a beautiful environment. It follows the national curriculum and admits all, without discrimination. It additionally has an average of 700 learners at the primary school level. This school has a strong culture and gives students a firm foundation.

Location: 14 Riverside Drive

Google Rating: 4.1 stars, (68 reviews)

5. Carmevale Catholic Primary School

Described as a five-star learning facility, Carmevale is a private institution in Embakasi with modern facilities. It fully implements the Competency-Based Curriculum and also produces excellent KCPE results. The school is praised for providing a variety of extracurricular activities and has affordable school fees.

Location: Upper Savanna Embakasi East

Google Rating: 4.2 stars, (60 reviews)

6. Ruaraka Academy

This is a private mixed-day school, with an emphasis on Biblical foundations for their students. Application forms to join the school are available at the administration office that is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. The majority of students have scored over 350 marks in their KCPE.

Location: Nairobi City

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (41 reviews)

7. Nairobi Primary School

This is one of the oldest and most successful public primary schools in Nairobi and is found on Mamlaka Road neighboring the University of Nairobi.

Pupils are known for their hard work and discipline as well as great scores in national examinations. Emphasis on talent nurturing allows learners to experience all-around development.

Location: Mamlaka Road, North

Google Rating: 4.2 stars, (45 reviews)

8. St. Hannah’s Primary School, Karen

St. Hannah’s is based on Christian ethics and is an ideal learning environment with serene surroundings. School transport is also available for learners to commute easily. The institution also has an early learning centre for your younger children to attend.

Location: Nairobi

Google rating: 4.1 stars, (27 reviews)

9. Westlands Primary School

Ranked as one of the best performing primary schools in Nairobi region, Westlands Primary is an accessible institution located on School Lane in Westlands. It has wonderful teachers and staff. Additionally, the school has an enrolment of about 1100 students and 31 classrooms. It is hailed for having disciplined students and a great playground.

Location: Fenesi Garden, School Lane, Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.1 stars, (17 reviews)

10. Dayspring Junior School

This private educational institution is a well-performing school with accessible roads and beautiful grounds. It offers both day and boarding options and is a mixed school. With 18 classrooms and an enrolment of about 300 students, it therefore has an ideal teacher-student ratio. For details on fees and admission requirements, the administration office is open every weekday.

Located: Mutarakwa Road, Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (11 reviews)

11. All Saint’s Cathedral Primary School

This school reflects the culture of the cathedral and identifies itself as a Christian school. With an emphasis on both balanced learning and all-around development, the school offers ICT learning and performing arts. The teaching staff is hospitable, and the school environment is also clean with grass and tree cover.

Location: Ole-Sangale Link Road, Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (8 reviews)

12. Bohra Primary School

Bohra is a school on Brookside Drive in Westlands, easily accessible using public transport. It has a spacious field and sturdy class buildings. Since it is inside a residential area, student security is guaranteed and it is a convenient choice for parents living nearby. The school offers affordable public education.

Location: Brookside Grove, Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.8 stars, (6 reviews)

13. Langata Road Primary School

With a convenient location on Langata Road, this school is next to the highway and pupils can use public transport to get to class. It is a beautiful institution with a student-to-teacher ratio of 25:1. It has concrete buildings as well as good electricity supply.

Location: Langata Road, Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.3 stars, (6 reviews)

14. Nairobi South Primary School

If you are looking into Mombasa Road for your new home, consider enrolling your children in Nairobi South. The school takes in pupils from all walks of life and also reflects the metropolitan nature of the Mombasa Road neighborhood. Here, your child will therefore experience holistic learning with children from different cultures.

Location: Mombasa Road, Starehe

Google Rating: 4.7 stars, (7 reviews)

15. Doctor Aggrey Primary School

This school serves the Pumwani area with a capacity of 1000 students. The learners benefit from subsidized government education that is relatively more affordable than private education. If you are looking for a mixed-day school within the Starehe constituency that can be reached using public buses, look no further.

Location: General Waruingi Road, Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.2 stars, (5 reviews)

16. MM Chandaria Primary School

MM Chandaria is an institution that greatly focuses on learning. It serves the residents of Baba Dogo and its environs, therefore providing a place for kids to hone their academic skills and prepare for complex high school education.

Location: Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (5 reviews)

17. Timanne Junior Academy

Timanne is a private primary school found in Embakasi that is both co-ed and provides boarding facilities. It is a small institution, with an enrolment of about a hundred students, and eight classrooms. It is therefore ideal for students in need of close attention from teachers.

Location: Off Biason Road, Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.0 stars, (2 reviews)

18. Buruburu Baptist Church and School

Buruburu Baptist is close to the Phase 3 and Phase 5 estates, for those looking to move to this area. It has grades PP1 to Grade 8 and stands out for integrating disability learning for students with special needs like autism. It also prides itself as a holistic institution in a serene environment.

Location: Ngomeni

Google Rating: 4.0 stars, (2 reviews)

19. Riruta Primary School

This mixed-day school in Kawangware is sponsored by the local government authorities. It has about 1000 students and a majority of the teaching staff are government employees. It also has a well-built infrastructure with enough classrooms and toilets to sufficiently cater to the large student body. The school emphasizes teaching self-reliance and independence to its pupils.

Location: Nairobi

Google Rating: 4.3 stars, (3 reviews)

20. Karura Forest Primary School

If you are moving to the Westlands area and you need a good public school, Karura Forest is an ideal option. It is a mixed school in Highridge. With less than 250 pupils enrolled, contact with teachers is frequent and your child will learn in a closely monitored environment.

Location: Karura

Google Rating: 5 stars, (1 review)


See? Nairobi is full of excellent primary schools, any of which would be great for your kids. There is no need to hesitate finding a house to rent in Nairobi simply because you can’t find a proper school. You have a wide selection of both public and private institutions you can choose from. Look at the pros and cons of each, as well as any unique features that your family members need in a school. In this comprehensive list, you will definately find one or two primary schools to consider in Nairobi.