Prices for Different Types of Houses for Sale in Nairobi

by | Jun 21, 2022

When it comes to owning a home, most buyers take into account the price, the location which affects commute time to work, and the infrastructure. However, there is another important thing to consider, which is the type of houses. Nairobi being the capital city has different types of houses up for sale. These are located in different areas and their prices vary too.

Whereas some buyers are looking for studio apartments in the city center, others are interested in bungalows and maisonettes in laidback areas like Runda or Karen. Nairobi has different types of homes including townhomes, mansions, penthouses, and detached homes, to name a few. Below, we consider Nairobi houses for sale, their prices, types, and location.


A bungalow is a favorite for many small families because it’s small in size. It also has a veranda and dormer windows, overhanging eaves, and a sloped roof. It is suitable for those who require a quieter life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Depending on the area and the number of bedrooms, detached bungalows range anywhere from 3.5 million to 6.5 million for one, two, and three-bedroomed homes. In Spring Valley and Runda, you can purchase a home from between 125 million to 250 million for a five-bedroomed home. Other places with these homes include Tassia, Ruai, Matasia, Kitisuru, Ruaka, and Gigiri.


When it comes to large families and those who entertain guests frequently, a mansion is the best home to buy. They mostly have between 5-6 bedrooms and are one-storeyed buildings. Living in a mansion gives one peace of mind from city noise and a lot of privacy too.

Karen, Runda, Muthaiga, Lavington, and Westlands are just some of the areas with superb mansions. The minimum price starts from 28 million for a 5-bedroomed mansion. On the other hand, the maximum is 345 million in the areas mentioned above. Ideally, a mansion costs between 28 million to 80 million.


If you own a pet and love privacy, then a villa should be your priority. Not only does it shield you from prying eyes, but it also has enough space for a garden and terrace, and your pets will have space for playing around. These large one-level structures can either be standalone homes or share a common wall. They are common in Lavington, Garden Estate, Spring Valley, Runda, Karen, and Westlands.

Prices range from 30 million to 42 million for a 4-bedroomed villa. For a 5-bedroom villa, expect to pay a minimum of 55 million to a maximum of 110 million in posh Nairobi estates including Gigiri, Runda, and Karen.


A penthouse offers luxurious living, more privacy, and an amazing view. And because they are located at the top most floor of an apartment building, you have exclusive access to the elevator. After all, you will be the only tenant residing on the roof. You can find Nairobi penthouses in Westlands, Lavington, Kileleshwa, Eastleigh, Nairobi Central, Valley Arcade, South B, Parklands, and Ruaka, to name a few.

Depending on their location, the price varies considerably. The price is also dependent on whether it is a one-bedroomed penthouse or it has more than one bedroom. In Westlands, for example, a 5-bedroom penthouse costs up to 160 million, while in Eastleigh, the cost is about 9 million. Expect to pay 4 million on the minimum and as much as 160 million for a penthouse depending on the location.


Apartment buildings are the most common homes dotting the Nairobi skyline. They are also known as flats with residential rooms occupying the same building and owned by different occupants. These buildings can be found in Kileleshwa, Syokimau, Westlands, Kilimani, Lavington, Hurlingham, and even Runda.

The price is dependent on whether it has one or more than one bedrooms. On the minimum, they cost about 5.5 million while on the higher side, they can go to over 40 million. In the posh Nairobi estates, the price is higher. It can cost anywhere from 30 million to 42 million for a 5-bedroomed apartment in those estates.


These terraced and attached houses share a common wall and have reduced front and backyards. They are larger than apartments and are easier to maintain as opposed to stand-alone homes. Additionally, they have at least two bedrooms. In Nairobi, they are found in Runda, Westlands, Lavington, Kitisuru, Parklands, and Karen.

For a five-bedroomed townhouse, it costs from 19 million, mostly in Parklands and South C. The maximum cost is about 200 million. Ideally, the minimum cost is 19 million while the maximum cost is 120 million depending on the location of the house.


These types of homes are common in Nairobi. They are residential and occupy two floors. Some have a private garage, a private garden, and a front door that opens to the outside, unlike apartments that have a shared entrance. You can find such homes in Parklands, Westlands, Kitisuru, Karura, Nyayo Estate, Donholm, and Syokimau.

Maisonettes’ prices are pegged on whether they are in posh estates, the city center, or the outskirts of town. The price also depends on the number of bedrooms available. The highest you can pay for a 5-bedroom is between 85 million to 120 million in places like Runda. The least amount for a 4-bedroom is 11 million in an estate like Embakasi. Basically, expect to pay between 11 million on the lowest end, and a maximum of 85 million for a maisonette that has more than two bedrooms.


As you can see, Nairobi has every type of house to suit your needs. The cost of these homes varies in both their architectural design, location, and even the cost. If you are on the lookout for the best houses Nairobi has to offer, start with the ones above and see whether they meet your taste. Take into account that prices are a bit higher in the posh estates of Nairobi and also in the city center. Granted, you get value for money for Nairobi has all types of houses for sale with international taste.

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