About Karen

by | Apr 2, 2022

Where is Karen Located?

Karen is located on the South-west of the Nairobi Central Business District, towards the boundary with Kajiado County.

In which ward, constituency, and county is Karen?

The Karen neighbourhood is within the Karen General Assembly Ward, in Langata Constituency, and Nairobi County.

How big is Karen and what is the population?

Karen covers 48 square kilometers and is occupied by 24, 507 people as per the most recent Kenyan population census. However, the population has risen since it became a favorite destination for government officials, diplomats, and expatriates.

What is the Postal Code for Karen?

Karen’s postal code is 00502

What climate does the Karen region experience?

The Karen area enjoys cool and wet weather, with June, July, and August being the coldest months of the year.

The hottest temperatures are experienced between the months of December and February annually.

The highest annual temperature experienced in Karen reached about 27° celsius, and the lowest is 10° celsius, comparatively lower than most of Nairobi.

July and August are also the driest months of the year in Karen, with as little as 1 day of precipitation during these months.

The heaviest rain falls in the months of April and November, with as many as 13 days of rainfall.

What is air pollution like in Karen?

Karen experiences minimal air pollution, thanks to the absence of manufacturing industries in the primarily residential area.

Additionally, development is controlled and Karen has extensive tree coverage and grass compounds.

Where is Karen located in Nairobi?

Karen is a suburb neighborhood of Nairobi sitting on the south-western part of the CBD towards the Nairobi – Kajiado border. Karen is accessible via the Southern Bypass from areas like Kikuyu, Langata, and Mombasa Road.

How can one travel to Karen from Nairobi?

There are three ways to get to Karen from Nairobi:

  • By bus – routes 24 & 25 are the most reliable buses that go to Karen from Nairobi. The bus stops at the Kencom or ambassador terminus. There is also an alternative bus stop at the Kenya polytechnic, Railways. It costs between ksh. 80 and ksh. 100 to get to Karen.
  • Taxi
  • Private drive

Ngong road is the shortest route to Karen from Nairobi, although it is prone to traffic jams. Karen is also accessible via the southern bypass from Mombasa road, Lang’ata, or Kikuyu.

What types of houses can be found in Karen?

Karen has several types of houses, including:

  • Bungalows
  • Townhouses
  • Luxury villas
  • Mansions (detached, semi detached, and terrace maisonette)
  • Apartments
  • Duplexes

Most houses are found in gated communities which is the most preferred for high-security measures. They feature swimming pools, kids’ play areas, and parking lots. Stand-alone houses are also available, featuring a private swimming pool, gym, yard, etc.

Are houses available for sale or rent?

Houses in Karen are available for both sale and rent.

The average sale price of a 5 bedrooms house in Karen is Ksh. 140 million with the cheapest going for Ksh. 70 million and the most expensive going for Ksh. 210 million.

There is also an option to rent an equivalent house for a monthly rent of Ksh. 250k to 500k. Renting is both for short-term stays such as vacations or work trips, as well as long-term leases for settled families.

However, the prices of the houses differ depending on the additional features and location.

View houses for sale in Karen

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What Sizes are the Houses in Karen?

Houses in Karen are large, thanks to previous zoning laws that had a minimum land size requirement for all buyers in the area.

Smaller houses like bedsitters and one-bedroom houses are found in apartments for rent. They share common utilities like a swimming pool, parking areas, and kids’ play areas.

How is the security situation in Karen?

Karen is among the safest neighborhoods in Nairobi, with two police stations, the Karen and the Hardy police stations. There are also patrol services that offer quick responses in case of an emergency or security breach.

Additionally, Karen has plenty of street lights, CCTV surveillance cameras, and fully trained security guards at every gate. Most houses are also installed with security alarms that send an alert message to homeowners and the security firm involved in case of a breach.

Where do Karen residents get water?

Karen residents get their water from the three primary dams that supply Nairobi City; Ndakaini Dam, Sasumua Dam, and Ruiru One Dam.

The water is piped and distributed by the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company (NAWASCO).

How is the consistency of water supply in Karen?

Water supply in Karen is intermittent, with some residents experiencing shortages because of the Equitable Distribution Program set in place to ration the limited water supply in Nairobi.

However, most homeowners are forced to drill boreholes to maintain a constant water supply. Others source it from water supply companies. However, a water tank is the best alternative for water storage.

What water companies are in Karen?

Karen has many water companies that supplement the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company. Some use trucks to supply water to the residents, while others are bottled water companies that supply drinking water. They include:

  • Karen water supplies
  • Kisima mineral company limited
  • Clean water services
  • Liztan enterprise limited
  • Spark freshwater company
  • Earth water limited
  • Valley springs enterprise
  • Grange park mineral water company
  • Olepolos mineral water company
  • Nkaimurunnya water supply
  • Davis and Shirtliff

Who is Karen’s main supplier of electricity?

Karen’s main supplier of electricity is the Kenya Power company.

How consistent are blackouts in Karen?

Karen does not suffer from blackouts often, but they are experienced whenever Kenya Power announces a scheduled or emergency power interruption.

What types of schools are closely accessible to residents in Karen?

Karen has three types of schools, including:

  • Government schools
  • Private schools
  • International schools

Kindergarten Schools in Karen

  • Waldorf Woodlands Kindergarten
  • Stepping Stones Kindergarten
  • Msingi Bora Kindergarten
  • Serian Kindergarten
  • Serare School
  • Leapfrog Kindergarten
  • Our Lady of Peace Nursery School
  • Nairobi Montessori School
  • Springwood Kindergarten

Primary Schools in Karen

  • St. Hannah’s Primary School, Karen
  • Mutuini Primary School
  • ACK Good Samaritan Primary School
  • Gitiba Primary School
  • River View Academy
  • Hekima Primary School
  • Ngong Forest Primary School

Secondary schools in Karen

  • St. Elizabeth boys high school
  • Maasai school
  • St. Elizabeth academy secondary school
  • St. Christopher secondary school
  • Domus Mariae school
  • Edmund rice catholic education
  • Hillcrest secondary school
  • St. Hanna’s boys’ secondary school
  • Mutu-ini high school
  • Kings pavilion secondary school

Which hospitals are Located in Karen?

Private hospitals in Karen

  • The Karen Hospital
  • Amber Medical Clinics
  • Enkitok Joy Nursing Home
  • Aga Khan University Hospital – Prestige Plaza
  • Davinci Medical Group
  • Karen Day Surgery Centre
  • Mater Hospital – Karen
  • Lankia Nursing Home and Dialysis Unit
  • Bellevue Hospital

Public Hospitals in Karen

  • Karen health center
  • Gataka public hospital
  • Karen end medical clinic
  • The Karen hospital

Missionary Hospitals in Karen

  • King David Hospital
  • St. Mary’s Mission Hospital
  • KAG Karen Medical Center
  • CUEA Infirmary
  • Mercy mission health center
  • St. Odilias dispensary
  • CMIA grace children center dispensary
  • Fatima mission hospital
  • Embulbul catholic dispensary
  • St. Ann’s mission medical center
  • ACK Emmanuel mission hospital

Which Gyms are available in Karen?

  • Smart Gyms The Hub Karen
  • Dojo Wellness Club
  • Salma Fitness Centre
  • Trojan Health and Fitness Center
  • Fitness Revolution
  • Laban’s Gym
  • Karen gym and personal training center
  • Royale club Karen
  • Uppercut fitness boxing

Which Spas are available in Karen?

  • Nothing Like It Spa – Karen
  • Entim Sidai Wellness Sanctuary
  • Extreme Styling Studio
  • Health Land Spa and Massage Kenya
  • Aromatics Spa
  • Dojo wellness club
  • Serenity spa Karen

What Chemists and Pharmacies are Located in Karen?

  • Goodlife Pharmacy Karen Crossroads
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Shell Karen
  • Karen Chemists Limited
  • Ava Pharmacy
  • KAC Pharmacy
  • Ava pharmacy
  • Dovey pharma Karen
  • Pharmaplus pharmacy Karen
  • Siniaga chemist
  • Jacaranda chemist Karen
  • Applegene chemist
  • Leevalchem pharmacy
  • Nyagano pharmacy Karen
  • Minaria pharmacy
  • Mikky healthcare solutions

What Garages operate in Karen?

  • Karen Automotive Garage
  • Motor Scope Auto Garage
  • Sangmu Auto Garage
  • Sheikh Motors Limited
  • Stuttgart Auto –  Karen, Nairobi Kenya
  • Georges auto garage
  • Motorsmart garage Karen
  • Suba motors garage
  • Automotive doctor auto garage
  • AutoXpress Karen
  • Nyasuna cyno auto garage
  • South ring autos
  • Automechanika workshop limited
  • Insignia service center
  • Top auto garage

Which Car wash joints operate in Karen?

  • Extreme Clean Car Wash – The Hub
  • Karen Super Shine Detailing Centre
  • Kleansway Automated Car Wash
  • The Elegance Carwash
  • Happy Wash Auto Detailing
  • Car wash services
  • Shell car wash
  • Upper Karen motors
  • Kilimanjaro car wash
  • Generation car wash
  • Auto shine car wash
  • Havila integrated car care
  • Kangz carwash
  • Bogani car wash

Where can you shop for food and household items in Karen?

  • Good Neighbours Supermarket
  • Carrefour – The Hub
  • Zucchini, The Hub Mall
  • The Souk, Karen
  • Chandarana Foodplus Supermarket, Karen
  • Karen provision store
  • Okoamart supermarket
  • Choices supermarket
  • Sweet world supermarket limited
  • Foodies supermarket
  • Tikiti groceries
  • Karen choppers supermarket
  • Karen triangle mall
  • Karen end shopping center
  • Crossroads
  • Umoja center
  • Rotterdam upper Karen shopping center
  • The well Karen
  • Darosa plaza
  • Heri plaza
  • North Karen court
  • Karen plains Arcade
  • Karen park
  • Karen end playground
  • Bandu complex
  • Kuwinda shopping center
  • Mutuini shopping center

Which Communication Network providers are accessible in Karen?

  • Safaricom
  • Airtel
  • Telkom

Which Internet and office network providers are available in Karen?

  • Smart cloud Africa limited
  • Bintos internet
  • Internet service provider (KDN)
  • Embarq limited
  • Limitless technologies limited
  • Chase communication and internet services
  • Nexus Kenya data
  • Unireach technology limited
  • Vyrosoft it consultants
  • MyISP limited
  • Kingsnet internet solutions
  • Sunnyday communications

Among the top-ranked prestigious neighborhoods in Nairobi, Karen has plenty of interests like the giraffe center, Karen Blixen Museum, and birds paradise, among others. It also hosts major hotels and restaurants like the Giraffe Manor hotel, the House of Waine hotel, Talisman restaurant, and the Carnivore restaurant.