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1. Tell us what you need in a house and save request

2. We share available houses in your selected region

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How It Works?

Our process is simple. You simply tell us the kind of house you need and wait for us to do the searching for you. When we find houses that match your needs we update you.

House description

Tell us what kind of house you need and save your features in your profile. If it is renting, tell us how soon you would like to move in.

Get Matching houses

Our registered agents share houses in your selected region that match your specification. You can see these houses in your profile. Every time a new house is added we sms or email you.

Close The Deal

Review suggested houses, contact agents for the houses you like and arrange a visit. Thats it!

Why choose us

Verified Agents

All our agents and landlords are tested and verified. We constantly comb our list to ensure all agents and landlords uphold our requirements.

Save time

You only need to tell us what you need once. We will send houses you can check out to via email or sms as long us your want us to. You can close the search once you have found what you need.


We only show you listings that match your requests. No need to sort through unlimited irrelevant listings. Ensure you are as specific as possible about what you need in a house.

24/7 Availability

You can submit a request at any time that is convenient for you. Our dashboard allows you plan visits to each property of your choice at any time.


You can create unlimited requests for different regions in Kenya. We have agents with properties in all parts of the country.


Agents and landlords cannot contact you unless you want them to. No agent can see your personal contact email or phone number unless you share it with them. This way you only contact agents whose properties you like.