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Why Hauzisha

Quality Leads Only

Our system is optimized to only share your listings with the most suitable tenants based on location, house size and budget

  • Automatic house sharing

  • Serious leads only

  • Get feedback from potential tenants

Easily manage leads

We don't just send the leads your way. We give you an easy way to help your team manage the leads

  • Separate successful and unsuccesful leads

  • Add notes to a given lead for easy follow up

  • Easily retarget your leads when you have new vacancies

Consistent Leads

What if you could have tenants all year round? Thats exactly what we help you do.

  • Get leads from any part of the country

  • Get leads for any budget

  • Get tenants for any house size

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anyone with a rental house can add a listing on Hauzisha. However all real estate companies, agents and landlords have to verified by our team before listing houses.
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The minimum number of houses you need for you to quality to list on Hauzisha is dependent on the region's demand. For instance, lower and middle markets have more house requests than upper market areas.

Agents listing in lower and middle market regions have a higher minimum than those in the upper market.

Listing fees depend on the the number of listings shared monthly. The more listings you have you have the less the cost per listing. Book a session with our sales team for more details.

The pin gives us the actual location of the house. This data is only used to calculate the distance between your listed house and the point of interest for the potential tenant to improve the quality of leads we send you. This is never shared with clients

To see it in action, try placing a request as a client or watch the process of requesting a house.

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