About Kilimani

by | Mar 31, 2022

Where is Kilimani Located?

Kilimani is a neighbourhood in the west of the Nairobi City centre. It lies just south of Lavington, and north of Woodley. Kilimani is 4 kilometers from the city.

In which ward, constituency, and county is Kilimani?

Kilimani is in the Kilimani County Assembly Ward, which falls under Dagoretti North Constituency, and the County of Nairobi.

How big is Kilimani and what is the population?

Kilimani covers 16.1 square kilometers, and has a population of 43, 122 people as per the 2009 Kenyan population census.

What is the Postal Code for Kilimani?

The postal code for Kilimani is 00100, which is the regional code for Nairobi.

What climate does the Kilimani region experience?

Kilimani experiences annual high temperatures of 27 degrees in the daytime and 13 degrees low at night.

June and July are the coldest months, with as low as 23 degrees during the day.

In terms of rainfall, April, May and November tend to be the rainier months, with as much as 29 days of rainfall every month.

What is air pollution like in Kilimani?

Air pollution in Kileleshwa is normally minimal, but has increased over the years due to vehicular emissions and construction projects in the area.

The air quality is still good enough to allow for outdoor activities, thanks to the hilly landscape that has substantial green cover.

Where is Kilimani located in Nairobi?

Kilimani is located between Kileleshwa and Lavington.

It is characterised and famously known for the Nairobi Arboretum that sits close to State House Road.

To the west, Kilimani is bordered by the Upperhill Area.

What matatu route should you take to Kilimani from Nairobi and what is the cost?

From Nairobi CBD to Kilimani, one boards a matatu on route number 46 at Kencom Stage, which stops at Yaya Centre.

The matatu ride costs between Kshs 50 and Kshs 80.

What types of houses can be found in Kilimani?

Kilimani is made up of duplexes, townhouses, bungalows, and mansions.

The mansions are semi-detached, detached, and terrace mansions.

Kilimani also has apartments, both furnished and unfurnished.

Are houses available for sale or rent?

Houses in Kilimani are available for sale, mainly for those with a middle-class income.

They are also available for long-term rental arrangements, and have increasingly grown popular with short-term and vacation tenants looking to stay close to the city.

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What Sizes are the Houses in Kilimani?

Houses in Kilimani are large, with spacious rooms that can accommodate a lot of furniture, as well as large backyards with space for staff quarters.

How is the security situation in Kilimani?

Kilimani is a safe neighbourhood to live in, with multiple security guards assigned to work within apartment complexes.

Standalone homes also have security systems and professionals set up by their security firm of choice.

Where do Kilimani residents get water?

Kilimani residents obtain their water from the Tana River Basin north of Nairobi via reservoirs like the Ndakaini Dam and Sasumua Dam.

How is the consistency of water supply in Kilimani?

Water supply consistency in Kilimani is affected by the general shortage of supply currently experienced by Nairobi residents.

Residents can supplement the city’s supply using water from tanker vendors in the area.

What water companies are in Kilimani?

The Kilimani area is covered  by the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, in charge of piping, treatment, storage and supply.

Who is Kilimani’s main supplier of electricity?

Kilimani’s main supplier of electricity is the Kenya Power company.

How consistent are blackouts in Kilimani?

Kilimani residents experience blackouts as per any announcements by Kenya Power about scheduled power interruptions.

Emergencies such as destruction of power lines may also prompt temporary disconnection until the situation is resolved.

What types of schools are closely accessible to residents in Kilimani?

Kindergarten Schools in Kilimani

  • Kiota School Kindergarten
  • St. Nicholas Kindergarten
  • Hopes and Dreams Montessori
  • Vineyard Primary and Kindergarten
  • Kensington Kindergarten
  • Light International School Kindergarten
  • Chania Kindergarten
  • Appleton Schools

Primary Schools in Kilimani

  • St. George’s Primary School
  • Compuera Academy
  • Maxwell Primary School
  • Emmanson Academy
  • Kilimani Primary School
  • Vineyard School
  • Statehouse Primary School
  • Calidonia Primary School

Which hospitals are Located in Kilimani?

Private hospitals in Kilimani

  • 761 International Hospital
  • Better Living Hospital
  • Zazi Hospitals
  • Garden Specialists Hospital
  • The Nairobi Women’s Hospital
  • Sunshine Medical Center

Public Hospitals In Kilimani

  • Statehouse Dispensary
  • Mbagathi County Hospital
  • National Spinal Injury Referral Hospital
  • KNH Pedriatic Emergency Unit
  • Kenyatta Hospital
  • Texas Cancer Centre – Argwings Kodhek Grove

Missionary Hospitals in Kilimani

  • Coptic Hospital  – Main Hospital
  • St. Mary’s Mission Hospital
  • Angelic Missions Hospital
  • Menelik Medical Center
  • Mustard Medical Center
  • Maria Immaculata Hospital

Which Gyms are available in Kilimani?

  • Hyat Fitness, Kilimani
  • Ultra Fitness Gym
  • Savannah Fitness Exchange
  • Wentworth Gym
  • The Colosseum Fitness Centre  – Adam’s Arcade
  • Alpha Fit

Which Spas are available in Kilimani?

  • Olakira Spa
  • Spa Cleopatra
  • Miss White Hair Studio and Spa
  • Atmosphere Nails and Spa
  • Posh Palace Hair Studio and Spa
  • Radiance Spa and Salon

What Chemists and Pharmacies are Located in Kilimani?

  • Dovey Pharma Kilimani
  • Neem Pharmacy Kilimani
  • Pharmaplus Pharmacy Kilimani
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Kilimani
  • Lifemed Pharmacy Kilimani
  • Easton Pharmacy, Adlife Plaza

What Garages A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started in Bodybuilding buy parabolin trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate with uk shipping the new encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding operate in Kilimani?

  • Anhui Garage
  • Ross Auto Garage
  • Autocorrect The Garage
  • Eagles Motor World and Garage
  • Seamus Auto Garage
  • Autocrank – The Garage

Which Car wash joints operate in Kilimani?

  • Milimani Car Wash
  • 360 Executive Car Wash
  • Lenana Supershine
  • Ndovu Car Wash
  • Katikati Car Wash
  • CB Auto Wash

Where can you shop for household items in Kilimani?

  • Yaya Centre
  • Adlife Plaza
  • Elysee Plaza
  • Miniso Kenya
  • Kilimani Mall
  • House of Leather and Gifts, Adam’s Arcade

Food Shopping Centers in Kilimani

  • Naivas Supermarket Kilimani
  • Quickmart Kilimani
  • Nairobi China Town
  • Chandarana Foodplus Supermarket, Adlife Plaza
  • Kienyeji’s
  • Riverside Groceries

Which Communication Network providers are accessible in Kilimani?

  • Safaricom
  • Airtel
  • Telkom
  • Faiba JTL
  • Equitel

Which Internet and office network providers are available in Kilimani?

  • Databus Networks Limited
  • KSL Networks
  • Networks 4 Office Solutions
  • Smoothtel and Data Solutions Limited
  • Redstar Africa Networks Limited
  • Optimum Data Limited