About Nairobi CBD

by | Mar 31, 2022

Where is Nairobi CBD Located?

The Nairobi CBD (Central Business District) is located inside Nairobi City.

It is flanked by several notable streets, such as Loita Street towards the Westlands/University Way side.

The end of the Nairobi CBD as one walks towards Railways is Luthuli Lane.

The CBD is also bordered by Kimathi Lane and Charles Rubia Road towards Khoja and GPO areas respectively.

In which ward, constituency, and county is Nairobi CBD?

The Nairobi CBD is in the Nairobi Central County Assembly Ward, within Starehe Constituency. They are part of Nairobi County.

How big is Nairobi CBD and what is the population?

The Nairobi Central County Assembly Ward covers 1.70 square kilometers, and has an approximate population of about 13, 325 people.

What is the Postal Code for Nairobi CBD?

The postal code for Nairobi CBD is 00100.

What climate does the Nairobi CBD region experience?

The Nairobi CBD region experiences a warm and temperate climate.

Summers tend to be short, warm and overcast, while winters are cool, dry, and sometimes cloudy.

The months of April and November receive the highest amount of rainfall, while July and August remain the driest months.

What types of houses can be found in Nairobi CBD?

The Nairobi CBD has a lot of commercial property in the form of office space and business shops.

Are houses available for sale or rent?

Commercial buildings and spaces in the Nairobi CBD are available for sale as well as for rent.

For rental spaces, one can also look for options that allow tenants to occupy the space and begin paying rent after a few months, once business picks up.

What Sizes are the Houses in Nairobi CBD?

Commercial spaces in the Nairobi CBD are relatively small due to high demand.

Buyers and tenants can also find larger spaces in the less occupied streets of the CBD, but the rent or price for sale will be much higher.

How is the security situation in Nairobi CBD?

The Nairobi CBD is a relatively safe area, but only during the day.

Even then, crimes such as pickpocketing are very common.

The Nairobi CBD is unsafe to walk in at night, and one faces the risk of being robbed or mugged, especially in poorly lit areas.

Where do Nairobi CBD residents get water?

Nairobi CBD residents get their water from the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, which has sources like Ndakaini Dam, Sasumua Dam, Ruiru One Dam and Kikuyu Springs.

How is the consistency of water supply in Nairobi CBD?

Water supply is relatively consistent within the Nairobi CBD.

What water companies are in Nairobi CBD?

Water supply services within the Nairobi CBD are covered by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC).

Who is Nairobi CBD’s main supplier of electricity?

Nairobi CBD’s main supplier of electricity is the Kenya Power company.

How consistent are blackouts in Nairobi CBD?

Blackouts within the Nairobi Central Business District are rare, and only experienced when technical faults affect nearby power lines.

An example would be the most recent blackout in January resulting from a fault in the Embakasi power line.

Kenya Power may also announce a scheduled power interruption during their maintenance activities.

What types of schools are closely accessible to residents in Nairobi CBD?

Kindergarten Schools in Nairobi CBD

  • Central Day Nursery
  • Goshen Kindergarten
  • All Saints Cathedral Kindergarten
  • Easthood Education Center
  • The Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi – Nursery School
  • PCEA St. Andrews Church Kindergarten
  • Kiota School Kindergarten
  • Lady Northey Nursery School

Primary Schools in Nairobi CBD

  • Moi Avenue Primary School
  • Nairobi Primary School
  • City Primary School
  • State House Primary School
  • Moi Forces Academy Primary School-Nairobi
  • Olympic Primary School
  • Muranga Road Primary School

Which hospitals are Located in the Nairobi CBD?

Private hospitals in Nairobi CBD

  • Care Hospital Nairobi
  • Avenue Hospital Nairobi
  • Makkah Hospital
  • Kaph (Kenya Association Of Private Hospitals)
  • Avenue Hospital – Nairobi, City Centre
  • City Health Hospital
  • The Mater Hospital Clinic – Tom Mboya Street
  • Savannah Healthcare Services

Public Hospitals In Nairobi CBD

  • Ngara Health Centre
  • Kenyatta Hospital
  • Special Treatment Clinic
  • Kenya Defense Forces Memorial Hospital
  • Mbagathi District Hospital
  • Mathari National Teaching and Referral Hospital
  • KNH Pediatric Emergency Unit
  • Ngaira Health Centre

Missionary Hospitals in Nairobi CBD

  • St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital
  • Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital
  • Neema Hospital
  • Coptic Hospital-Main Hospital
  • AIC Kijabe Hospital Nairobi Medical Centre
  • Eldevale Trust Jamaa Mission Hospital
  • St. James Hospital
  • Marura Nursing Home

Which Gyms are available in Nairobi CBD?

  • Great Body Gym Limited
  • Premier Fitness Centre
  • Laurasam Fitness Centre
  • Gym Solutions
  • SGD Fitness
  • Fitness & Gym Kenya
  • The Saints Health Club
  • Fit Fam Gym & Fitness Center

Which Spas are available in Nairobi CBD?

  • Kempinski The Spa – Nairobi
  • Ibis Spa
  • The City Spa
  • Crystal Beauty Parlour
  • Jazzy Beauty Spa
  • Westlands Massage Spa
  • Blossom Spa Nairobi
  • Primp & Coddle Beauty Bar

What Chemists and Pharmacies are Located in Nairobi CBD?

  • Goodlife Pharmacy Kenyatta Avenue
  • Malibu Pharmacy
  • Rose Gate Chemists
  • Late Night Chemist
  • Trafalger Pharmacy
  • Kam Pharmacy
  • New Lemuma Pharmacy
  • Northern Pharmacy

What Garages operate in the Nairobi CBD?

  • KBC Garage
  • Central Motor Flex Wheeler – TRANSFORM DIN KROPP – Motivasjon for kroppsbygging megamentin 375 durch intas in deutschland augmentin det beste kostholdet for kroppsbygging? Service Limited
  • Maxwell Garage
  • Garage Jua Kali
  • Honda and Mazda Enthusiasts Kenya Garage
  • Kunde Auto Garage
  • Kenhar Motor Services Limited Garage- Volkswagen & Audi
  • Formula One Garage Limited

Which Car wash joints operate in the Nairobi CBD?

  • Capital Car Wash
  • Auto Glow Car Wash
  • Kariokor Car Wash
  • Truth Worth Mall Car Wash
  • Shell Car Wash
  • Petro Car Wash
  • Engen Car Wash
  • Milimani Car Wash

Where can you shop for food items in Nairobi CBD?

  • Naivas Development House
  • Naivas Moi Avenue
  • Eastmatt Supermarket Tom Mboya Street
  • Naivas Supermarket Muindi Mbingu (CBD)
  • Quick Mart Pioneer
  • City Market
  • Naivas Supermarket -Lifestyle
  • Quick Mart Tom Mboya

Household Items Shopping Centers in Nairobi CBD

  • Imenti House
  • Trendy Households Kenya
  • Ebrahim Shopping Mall
  • Kalsi House Luthuli Avenue
  • Nyamakima House Complex Centre
  • Sasa Mall
  • Star Shopping Mall Kamukunji
  • House of Leather and Gifts
  • Villa Households Kenya

Which Communication Network providers are accessible in Nairobi CBD?

  • Safaricom
  • Airtel
  • Telkom
  • Faiba JTL
  • Equitel
  • MTN Kenya
  • Vodacom Group
  • Liquid Telecommunications

Which Internet and office network providers are available in Nairobi CBD?

  • Sahannet Limited (Head Office)
  • Safaricom Internet for Business
  • Skynet Broadband – Mobile One To One Limited
  • Chase Communications & Internet Services
  • Geotel Internet Services
  • Easy Touch The Internet Place
  • Acevilla Development Company Limited
  • Browse Internet Access Limited