About Donholm

by | Apr 20, 2022

Where is Donholm, Nairobi Found?

Donholm estate in Nairobi is a residential area in the Eastern Region with estates such as Harambee Sacco, Phase 5, Old Donholm, New Donholm and Phase 8.

How is Donholm, Nairobi divided in terms of wards, constituencies, and counties?

What was formerly known as Donholm Constituency is now Makadara Constituency, with the following wards; Maringo/Hamza, Makongeni and Viwandani Ward. They all fall under Nairobi County.

The Donholm Residential Estate is part of Embakasi East Constituency which is also in Nairobi County.

How large is Donholm, Nairobi and how many residents occupy the area?

Embakasi East Constituency covers approximately 64.8km² and has about 163,858 residents living in the area as of the 2009 Kenyan census.

What is the Postal Address Code for residents in Donholm, Nairobi?

Donholm residents can use either 00100 the Nairobi postal code, or 00501 which is the postal code for Embakasi.

What categories of houses are found in Donholm, Nairobi?

Donholm has recently experienced a growth in apartment buildings with varying numbers of bedrooms within the estate.

The rest of the area is mainly made of single family house units in modest compounds, many of which are terraced maisonettes.

Can one find houses for sale or rent in Donholm, Nairobi?

One can find homes for sale as well as houses for rent in Donholm.

What is the average size of homes in Donholm, Nairobi?

Most homes in the estates within Donholm are three bedroom houses built on eighth acre plots.

Is it safe to live in Donholm, Nairobi?

Thanks to good estate planning, Donholm is well organised and therefore unlikely to attract criminal harm.

Where do Donholm, Nairobi residents get water?

Piped water in Donholm is obtained from the Nairobi Water company. Residents also have access to private boreholes and tankers from water vendors.

How consistent is the supply in Donholm, Nairobi?

Like all Nairobi neighbourhoods, water supply in Donholm may be affected by water rationing as well as shortages during dry months.

What water suppliers operate in Donholm, Nairobi?

Like the rest of the city and its environs, Donholm is served by NCWSC.

Who is Donholm, Nairobi’s main supplier of electricity?

Electrical systems in Donholm are managed by Kenya Power which is also in charge of distribution to residents.

How often do blackouts occur in Donholm, Nairobi?

Accidental interruptions to the power supply may occur as a result of fallen transformers or similar events.

Aside from scheduled blackouts for grid maintenance, power supply in Donholm estate is reliable.

What schools are close to residents in Donholm, Nairobi?

Pre-schools in Donholm, Nairobi

  • Twiddlepips Junior School and Kindergarten
  • St. Maria Montessori School
  • Mickey’s Kindergarten
  • Sunrise Childrens’ Garden School
  • Belina Daycare & Preparatory School
  • Carlin School

Grade Schools in Donholm, Nairobi

  • Donholm Catholic Primary School
  • Donholm Primary School
  • Neema Primary School
  • St.Mary Academy
  • Rockfields Schools
  • St.Jude Catholic School

Which Healthcare Centres are near Donholm, Nairobi?

Private Healthcare Centres in Donholm, Nairobi

  • Aga Khan University Hospital Medical Centre
  • Meridian Medical Centre-Donholm
  • AAR Healthcare, Donholm Clinic
  • Nairobi ENT Clinic – Greenspan Mall Branch
  • The Phadam Hospital Umoja Inner Core
  • Umoja 3 Hospital

Public Health Centres in Donholm, Nairobi

  • Kayole II Sub County Hospital
  • Hono Clinic
  • Makadara Health Centre
  • Mathare North Health Centre
  • Ruaraka Health Centre
  • Bahati Health Centre

Missionary Health Centres in Donholm, Nairobi

  • Eastern Deanery Aids Relief Program
  • Missionaries of Charity Fathers
  • Mary Immaculate Hospital Bahati
  • St Patrick Healthcare
  • Makadara Mercy Sisters Dispensary
  • Divine Word Parish Clinic

What Workout Spaces are available in Donholm, Nairobi?

  • Get Fit Gym & Aerobics
  • Wazito Fitness Centre
  • Salute Gym
  • Henry’s Fitness,Gym and Training Facility
  • Fedha Superfit Gym And Aerobics
  • Gold Rock Gym and Fitness Centre

What Beauty Parlours and Spas are accessible in Donholm, Nairobi?

  • Classic Touch Salon Spa And Barber ShopSamad Executive Spa and Salon
  • Afroluxe Spa
  • The Beauty Hub Barbershop, Saloon and Spa
  • Purity Beauty Parlour & Salon
  • Vanshi Nail Bar

What Medical supply stores are found in Donholm, Nairobi?

  • Pharmore Pharmacy (MYDAWA Collection Point)
  • Save A Life Chemists Limited
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Greenspan Mall
  • Datche Pharmaceuticals Late Night Chemist & Cosmetics
  • Late Night Chemist Gud Pharmacy
  • M & M Westbrook Chemist

What Garages operate in Donholm, Nairobi?

  • Bespoke Auto Garage
  • Mercantile Enterprises Limited
  • Auto Center Garage Buruburu
  • Freddys Garage, Tena
  • Pony Motors Fabricators
  • Sincere Auto Garage

What Car washes are found in Donholm, Nairobi?

  • Greenspan Car Wash
  • Late Knight Car Wash
  • Kenya Yetu Car Wash
  • East Edge Executive Car Wash
  • Paloxtina Auto Tyre & Car Wash
  • Bizzy Bee Autospa & Carpet Solutions

What are some of the food items Shopping areas in Donholm, Nairobi?

  • Naivas Supermarket-Greenspan Mall
  • QuickMart Donholm
  • Jamii Fresh Foods Supermarket
  • Milele Supermarket
  • Kamindi Selfridges Supermarket
  • Mercy’s Home-made Honey

Where can you purchase Household Goods in Donholm, Nairobi?

  • Greenspan Shopping Mall
  • Superhouse Shopping Mall
  • Moko Home
  • Dots Services Limited
  • Ronrys Furniture
  • Starmark Designers Nairobi

Telecommunications Companies around Donholm, Nairobi

  • Safaricom Customer Care Centre Donholm, Nairobi Work & Talk Communications Limited
  • Orange-Greenspan
  • Adwest Communications Limited
  • Bitsimba Telecommunications Limited
  • Spectrum Wireless Communications Limited
  • Camusat Kenya Limited

Which Wi-Fi providers operate in Donholm, Nairobi?

  • Datacom Fibre Networks
  • Net_Hood Intelligence
  • Bluezone Networks
  • Heaven Come Internet Solutions
  • Kasi Networks Technologies
  • Wainlex Telectronics Limited