Common House Hunting Mistakes

by | Oct 27, 2022

Searching for a new home is a big step for most people since it’s a big investment. Searching for a home that fits all the requirements, from the location, price and available amenities is both tiring and time-consuming and may cause some pressure. Thus it is easy to overlook some details. Statics show that most buyers only have an idea of the type of home they are searching for. Most people search for a house based solely on the number of bedrooms and they are willing to settle for other factors.

Here are some of the most common house-hunting mistakes and ways to avoid them.

1. Doing the search alone

“Who needs an agent? If they can do it so can I”. Agents go through a lot to find a home that best suits the description from the clients. It is easy to assume that they don’t go through any trouble while searching and opt to go through the process alone.

While it is tenderizing to do a house huntalone so as to save some money, most of the time it ends up becoming more time-consuming and more expensive.

These days it is wise to get a real estate agent due to the fact that clients may not be the ones paying for the services. Rather the homeowners are the ones to pony up. It is easy to find a home by enlisting some help from professionals like Hauzisha who have perfected the search process.

2. Searching outside of your price range

Kenyans have the notion that it’s better to live in a field than a cup. The field in this case is a big house that does not have any household items and the cup refers to a small home that is overflowing with household items.

It makes zero sense to reside in a home where you have to pay 80% of your salary. People search for homes that have a higher price tag and will expect to receive a discount from the owners.

However, the homeowners are getting wise to the rouse and fixing their prices.

The best option is to search for a home that is in your price range and fits a reasonable budget. The 30% rule comes to play that states you should pay not more than 30% of your gross pay on rent.

3. Not taking the future into consideration

The current wants and needs as of right now compared to the future are different. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not considering the future and jumping into a deal that may later become a burden. Make certain that every course of future endeavor is considered before moving in or rather paying for a house.

Maybe you would like a bigger bed, how big is the bedroom? A bigger couch, then what size is the living space? Want a dining table for 6, then figure out if there is enough space, in fact, take accurate measurements. If you have children, take into account the distance to and from school.

4. Not Pre-inspecting the house

There are some instances where people may move into a new home without seeing the house. This is due to the distance to the house or too much is entrusted to the agents. The people in question may change their minds and turn back the same day due to the house not being what they expect or need.

Before closing any deal it’s always an important step to inspect the home. This is the most solid way to make sure that you get what you want.

It is highly recommended to test every aspect of the home. Open the water taps, flip the lights on and off, open and close all the doors, and punch the walls if possible. As long as you don’t damage the property it is you’re right to test the house for flaws.

5. Ignoring the Neighborhood

Don’t just focus on the house rather, consider the area surrounding the home. What is the condition of the neighbourhood? Are there any ongoing construction sites? Who is the direct neighbour of the house? What about the waste disposal arrangements?

It is also important to consider the kind of community that is present. It is also recommended to walk around the neighbourhood and try to detect any flaws. The neighbourhood should be a huge consideration before moving in.

6. Security concerns

Considering the security of the area helps to keep you at ease. However, if the house has some form of security risk then it may be worth it to abandon the home and search for another one.

From perimeter walls to security personnel and guard dogs, they are all a good addition to any home to improve security. Always consider the security of a home.

7. Getting Desperate

After searching for a while anyone may become fed up and frustrated and may end up choosing any home that comes up first.

Desperation is a weak point that may be exploited by the homeowners and the agents. They may take advantage of the client if it makes them any kind of profit. It is always an important factor to always remain calm and even if you like a house, always look for something out of place.

Desperation also comes from not having enough time to search for a home. Enlisting help in searching for a home is the best solution to prevent the outcome of resentment after choosing a home.


House hunting is a big step that does not have to be complicated. However, there is no avoiding the natural emotions that are experienced while looking for a new home. You need to make calm rational decisions, rather than getting into sticky situations that may end up adding up costs.

It is not a bad decision to enlist help from a third party to point out the flaws that you may not be able to find. Always take your time before making any step and be realistic. The only decision to make should satisfy both your ardour and your finances. Remember never be afraid to walk away.