Why is House Hunting so Stressful?

by | Oct 27, 2022

The process of hunting for a house can be stressful. This is particularly true when buying or renting a home for the first time. There is much money at stake, and the level of unfamiliarity can be stressful for the prospective homeowner or tenant.

Below are some of the reasons which make house hunting stressful and the steps you can take to make the process less stressful.

1. Failure to research your local real estate market

Have you ever shown up unprepared for a college or high school exam? It is pretty stressful.

The hunt for a house follows the same rules. You’ll be in for a more unpleasant and perplexing experience if you begin looking for a property before investigating your local housing market. This is similar to nighttime driving without headlamps. Fortunately, if you do your research, you can prevent this.

Start by investigating local trends in home prices and rent prices. Pay close attention to the costs of comparable properties that have recently sold or rented in the neighborhood where you wish to buy or rent. You may find this kind of information online using websites like Hauzisha.co.ke. When conducting this research, you will be better prepared for the market.

On other occasions, having an unrealistic perspective of the market is the cause of the stress related to property hunting. However, those who do extensive market research before buying or renting a home frequently have a smoother and less stressful experience hunting for a house.

It would help if you also gauged the activity level in your neighborhood’s real estate market and home prices and rent costs. More research may be necessary in this case. Search for “housing market trends” and your city or town’s name on Google. Visit Google’s news section to obtain the latest market reports and updates.

2. Failure to give yourself enough time to hunt for a house

Over the past months, we’ve talked with many housebuyers and tenants. We’ve also discovered that many underestimate the time needed to find a suitable house. This is particularly true today when there is a housing shortage in many cities.

Giving yourself plenty of time to look for a home will help you feel less anxious about the process. There is never a wrong time to begin. And this connects to the first suggestion above. You’ll have a better idea of what’s available if you look at houses online immediately.

Finding an appropriate home could take a few weeks to a few months, depending on where you reside. The earlier you begin, the better.

3. Failure to enlist the services of a real estate agent

Perhaps the most significant source of stress while looking for a home is this. Compared to purchasers who handle the process independently, having a real estate agent can significantly reduce the stress associated with property hunting.

An expert real estate agent, can educate you on the state of the market, assist you in finding the right property, assess the asking price, and prepare the paperwork for your offer. That takes much effort. By dealing with a skilled buyer or tenant agent, you can reduce the stress associated with house–hunting.

4. Getting too attached to a house just yet

You’ll have a tough time looking for a home if you fall in love with it the moment you view it, and then a greater bid wins it away from you.

It is hard enough to go through that once. Imagine going through it a minimum of six times. That might happen if you grow emotionally attached to a piece of real estate you haven’t yet purchased or rented.

Keep in mind that other people are looking for homes to buy or rent in your neighborhood. Depending on where you reside, there can be many people vying for similar homes. Even worse, you might be competing with individuals with plenty of cash and can present a more compelling offer.

Undoubtedly, as you walk through a house and picture yourself living there, you’ll experience various feelings. That is only natural. But keep your emotions under control, at least during the house-hunting phase. It’s too early to start feeling attached to a home. Doing so will result in more unneeded stress.

5. Being rigid in terms of property features and location

There may not be much available housing in some real estate markets. This means buyers and tenants of houses don’t always get what they prefer regarding location, property attributes, square footage, and many more.

Buyers or renters at the lower end of the price range find this particularly true. When purchasing or renting a house on a tight budget, you can’t expect to have everything you want. You should maintain an open mind and set reasonable expectations.

When renting or buying a property, it’s uncommon for purchasers to receive everything on their wish list. The more typical scenario is one of compromise. To obtain what you want in another area, you compromise in one area. A less stressful home search will be the outcome of being open-minded.

Another situation where being adaptable can pay off is in terms of location. For instance, a homebuyer looking to buy in Syokimau or Kitengela areas might find more properties in these areas at a lower price. Other purchasers may offer less competition as well.

That’s just one instance of how being open-minded can lessen the pressure of house hunting.

6. Failure to make a compelling initial offer

The majority of individuals are always interested to know if making a lower-than-market offer is a wise move. However, it depends on the circumstances.

Making a solid offer the first time might help you reduce the stress of house-seeking and negotiating, especially for properties in locations with intense competition. Going low could seem like a risk worth taking to save money, but you might end up missing out entirely if you underestimate it.

Your past market research will now pay off in this situation. You and your realtor can make a solid and reasonable offer by knowing how many comparable houses have sold or rented in the neighborhood.

There is the likelihood that the offer being accepted will rise as a result.


There isn’t a secret formula to make the home-buying process stress-free. It’s stressful since it’s a significant decision you must make at this point in your life. However, you can ensure that you’re giving yourself the best chance to find the ideal home without taking up too much of your time or causing you too many difficulties by following these recommendations.