What to Look for when House Hunting

by | Oct 27, 2022

House hunting can be stressful, especially when looking for a house without specifications. The most challenging part of this type of house hunting is that every house you will find will always have faults; it is either not spacious enough, the location is not ideal for you, it is expensive, it’s not secure, etc. 

However, the house-hunting process doesn’t have to be complex and tiring. Before you embark on the house-hunting journey, you must have specifications of what you are looking for in a house. Check out what to look for when house hunting:

1. Location  

While owning a house is a dream come true, choosing the wrong location can make it a nightmare. When hunting for a house, it is prudent to be specific about the surroundings you would like as your neighborhood. Consider its distance to the workplace, school if needed, shopping centers, etc.

Also, be precise about the type of neighborhood you would like to live in. Is it serene with few neighbors, or are you ok with gated communities comprising hundreds of houses? Since you can’t transfer a home to more desirable areas, choosing a suitable location is best considering your present and future days.

2. Affordability

When purchasing a house, it is vital to understand your financial stability. While everyone wants to live in a magnificent home in a prestigious neighborhood, some neighborhoods are too expensive for middle and low-income earners. However, you can get the same type and size of a house with different prices in different areas.

Also, when purchasing your house using a mortgage, it is essential to ensure that your income can fully finance the loan. Looking for a house within your budget is best.

3. Security

Security is a broad topic when it comes to the residential neighborhood. Some neighborhoods may have exquisite houses but are very insecure. It would be best if you considered an area with a secure playground for your kids and one that you can walk any time of the day.

4. House size and floor plan

It is essential to be realistic about the size of a house that suits your family’s needs. While wanting spacious rooms is alright, it is also vital to be realistic about how many rooms you need. You wouldn’t want a five bedroomed home when your children have grown and moved out. Consider a house size that makes you feel at home but not one that feels empty.

5. Mortgage or cash

Usually, cash buyers get better deals. However, if you are considering a mortgage, ensure you can finance it stress-free. Also, visit several mortgage lenders comparing their terms, such as down payments, insurance, closing cost, and any fees needed.

6. Aesthetics

At times a house that looks great to one person can look ugly to another, which makes human beings. After considering the location and other things, it is wise to consider how the house looks. Do you like the floor plan, roofing, staircase, fishing, etc.? If something is not appealing, then let go. Such minor things can lead to unimaginable discomforts.

7. Storage space

Most people overlook the need for storage space when house hunting. Although it may seem unnecessary, storage space is essential to any home. As time passes, you will realize that you have many things you are not using but are not ready to get rid of. In such cases, you will need a space to keep them until you want to use them again or give them away.

8. Possible defects

Comfort is one of the things people are looking for when house hunting. Although some houses may look elegant from the outside, it is good to conduct a thorough inspection. Some defects include mold, smelly toilets, poor drainage systems, and peeling paint. Although they may look minor, some flaws are potential future problems.

8. Parking space

Although parking is not a problem for standalone houses, it is good to think of it if you are considering buying an apartment or house in a gated community. Some properties have assigned single parking spaces for every home, which is ok. However, a family might have more than one vehicle and sometimes get visitors.

Suppose you are a family with multiple vehicles; it is best to know how to go about the parking issue before purchasing the house. Also, it is good to ensure the traffic around the parking lot allows easy entry and exit.

9. Accessibility

Some neighborhoods have poor road networks and sometimes no roads at all. When house hunting, pay close attention to the streets and pathways within the area. Are they full of potholes or muddy during the rainy season? Do they have streetlights? Since you wouldn’t like to get stuck on a rainy day, ensure your neighborhood has a good road network connecting the area with the main roads.

10. Possible growth of home value

Various factors determine home values, such as proximity to social amenities. While no one plans to buy a house intending to sell, different circumstances may call for the need to sell it. Therefore it is vital to look for a home with the potential to increase in value.

Some indicators of possible growth in property value include:

  • Increased employment opportunities  within the area
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Fast-growing shopping centers
  • Quality amenities such as schools and health centers

Proper maintenance and upgrades also increase home values. However, new homes have been appraised at higher values than old-fashioned homes.

11. Age of the house and essential items

For furnished houses, it is prudent to know when the appliances were updated last, e.g., refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, etc. It would help if you also looked at the roof condition, cracks on the walls, the state of the septic tanks, and plumbing.

Since it is impossible to tell how old the roof is or when the appliances were updated, it is prudent to ask the seller those questions. Ask as many questions as possible, including whether pests infest the house.


House hunting is easier when you are specific with your likings. If you are hiring a real estate agent, share your specification to help them match you with an ideal house quickly.