Best House Hunting Websites in Kenya

by | Oct 25, 2022

When it comes to looking for a real estate home to rent, buy, or lease, you have to be psychologically prepared to sift through hundreds of listed properties. Granted, there are a number of websites that make your work easier. In fact, they cut the number of hours you could otherwise have spent physically visiting properties in your neighborhood.

The process of an investor seeking a house to buy, rent, or live in is described as house hunting. And though traditionally it has been done with the help of real estate agents physically, it’s currently an online undertaking. The websites listed below are among the best that help with house hunting. What’s more, some have applications that further simplify the house hunting process.


When it comes to house hunting, can help you find your dream house. It does so by allowing you to request a house on the website depending on different parameters.

These parameters include number of bedrooms, your budget, and your location. As soon as your details have been received, they connect you with agents in your preferred region.


This website lists a number of houses for sale or rent and is an authority in the real estate field. Among the houses listed are apartments, studios, standalone houses, and furnished apartments complete with clear photos.

Prices are also displayed next to a listing together with the particulars. Once a client is satisfied, they can get in touch with the agent using the number displayed next to a particular listing.


Vaal is a real estate developer that features luxurious real estate from Kenya, and around Africa. The website lists different properties for sale and rent constructed with a blend of modern architecture and unrivaled innovation.

A home seeker simply has to search for homes depending on whether it’s for renting or for sale. Thereafter, he or she has to specify the location, property type, the status, and even the number of bedrooms.

The company displays contacts for buyers to use in contacting them once they are satisfied with a certain property.


As the name sounds, this website specifically targets properties that are affordable. They specifically aim at targeting real estate companies to list properties on their website so that property seekers can easily locate them.

The property seekers can afterwards search for the properties depending on the region they live in. However, this website is currently not concerned with houses for sale.


When it comes to owning affordable houses, this website makes that dream a reality. As a real estate developer for low income earners, the company lists modern and affordable properties across the country.

And to make the journey of home ownership smooth, they have posted videos of how to go about the process on their website. What’s more, they allow you to pay via cash, or in installments depending on the project. They have displayed their contact details and email on the website for easy communication.


Jiji made the task of searching for a house to buy or live in as simple as it could get by allowing sellers and landlords to advertise property for free. Agents are able to post several photos of property and give full details about the said property.

A house seeker simply has to filter the information depending on the region, the minimum and maximum amount they can pay, and the specifics of the type of homes they are looking for. The house seeker can then request the agent to call or they can chat online on the website.


This website lists hundreds of properties for rent and sale throughout the republic. By creating an account on the website, a home seeker easily searches through the different properties before contacting an agent.

The property seeker can easily narrow down on property by inputting various personal preferences including the region, the budget, and the type of houses one needs.


As a renowned property agent in the country, makes house hunting an exciting activity by advertising hundreds of homes. The house types vary considerably, making them ideal for any house seeker.

The website has made house hunting easy by ensuring that house seekers can directly communicate with the agent once they are satisfied with the particulars of a specific house.


Unlike other house hunting websites, Haofinder services are not free. To begin with, you have to fill a form with your personal details and a detailed description of the house you need and the budget.

Once it has been vetted, you are required to pay a certain amount of money before the search commences. Once they find the right house, which is done manually, you are notified via email with a detailed report.

You are expected to visit the property with a member of Haofinder staff or you can do so alone.

House Hunting Apps In Kenya

The list below is of some of the apps that help house seekers to locate a home easily. They include;

1. Mitula homes app is a vertical search engine for homes for rent that reduces the time spent searching for homes to buy or rent.

2. Xpodd application helps property seekers to get their required property cheaply, securely, and without drama.

3. Jiji Kenya app allows property seekers to find homes for rent or sale by doing a simple search. They can thereafter contact the seller and even leave feedback on the app.

4. Property24Kenya application gives a hand to buyers as they search for a perfect home. The app does so by listing properties from Kenya’s leading estate agents.

5. PigiaMe app was created to connect property seekers with nearby verified home sellers. Buyers can chat with sellers in their areas and even negotiate on what to pay.

6. MNyumba application allows users to rent, and buy apartments. It hosts a number of apartments and houses for rent and shows such property in one place.

Whether you are house hunting properties for investment purposes, or a home to live in, house hunting websites will give you convenience and save you money.