Top Real Estate Companies in Kenya

by | Oct 14, 2022

Kenya’s real estate industry comprises of companies engaged in different lines of business. Whether you are looking for rentals, houses for sale, go-downs, or office space, a real estate company always provides the services you seek. The following are the top 10 real estate companies in Kenya:

List of registered real estate companies in Kenya

1. Saif Real Estate

Saif real estate is a top-rated property developer in East Africa with few projects in Kenya. It specializes in the development of modern homes with world-class features and amenities. It also enjoys an extensive knowledge of the real estate market, which enables it to provide clients with quality, innovative, and luxurious housing infrastructures at affordable costs.

Saif real estate is currently servicing Kileleshwa, Kilimani, Lavington, South C, and Westland. However, it has growth potential to reach other neighborhoods.

2. Villa Care Limited

Villa care limited is a leading sales and marketing real estate firm dealing with commercial and residential properties. It prides itself on its extensive client database, ensuring its listing reaches a diverse audience. Also, the company has experienced sales agents and thoughtfully designed marketing strategies that ensure each property is sold at its best price. They also provide clients with accurate market analysis enabling them to sell or buy property.

Besides providing professional sales and marketing services, Villa care offers project, property, and facility management. They are ideal for clients looking for residential houses, commercial spaces, offices, or go-downs for lease or sale in Nairobi.

3. HassConsult Real Estate

This is one of Kenya’s oldest real estate developers with an unmatched experience and understanding of the real estate market trend. It specializes in selling high-end residential houses in Lavington, Nyari, Westlands, and Upperhill. Most HassConsult homes for sale are developed in gated courts with high-security levels, luxurious amenities, and a tranquil atmosphere.

Besides its effort to offer clients world-class residential housing, HassConsult is also committed to a quarterly publication of its property index. This trend aims to provide homeowners, investors, and the financial industry with historical and current house prices, allowing them to make sound decisions in the real estate market.

4. Cytonn Investment

Cytonn is an international real estate developer with a strong presence in Kenya’s real estate industry. It specializes in developing and selling prestigious homes in Kenya with a strong presence in Nairobi’s high-end neighborhoods, including Karen, Ruaka, Ruiru, Ridgeways, etc.

Besides developing luxurious homes, Cytonn has several asset managers, including Cytonn money market fund, personal financing planning, Cytonn balanced fund, etc. all these asset managers are designed to help clients achieve financial goals.

5. Centum Real Estate

Centum is a firmly founded residential, institutional, and industrial real estate developer focusing on properties for sale and rent in East Africa, including Kenya. It is best known for its outstanding residential houses for sale within the Two Rivers social city, Kasarani, Kilifi, and Gigiri. It is also the most competitive in terms of pricing and features.

In addition to developing the most elegant apartments in Nairobi and its environs, Centum real estate specializes in industrial and institutional developments. It also constructs beautiful maisonettes, bungalows, townhouses, and contemporary homes. 

6. Dunhill Consulting Limited

Dunhill consulting limited is a property management company dealing with commercial and residential properties. It has a potent combination of expertise that helps them deliver timely and quality services. Their services are also professional and cost-effective.

Additionally, Dunhill consulting limited sells and markets properties, including plots, go-downs, and finished houses. Their listing covers properties in Nairobi, Athi River, and Machakos.

They have well-designed sales and marketing strategies that help their listing reach more clients in the shortest time possible. They also offer cost-effective professional valuation services.

7. Optiven Limited

Optiven is a unique real estate developer with separate departments that handle different roles that enhance the quality and efficiency of their services. The departments include:

  • Optiven real estate – deals with the selling of plots across the country
  • Optiven Construction – specializes in concrete production, such as paving blocks, slabs, kerbstones, culverts, and poles.  
  • Optiven homes – this department offers personalized building services to homeowners. As a result, they can build any structure, from bungalows to maisonettes, villas, etc.

However, Optiven is not limited to specific areas; it has plots for sale in different parts of the country, including Kisumu, Malindi, Kajiado, Nanyuki, Nyeri, etc., with multiple land sizes, including 50*100 and more. They have affordable plots and various payment plans.

8. Knight Frank Kenya Limited

Knight Frank Kenya limited is an international real estate sales and marketing company servicing Nairobi and the coastal regions. It employs intensive market research, innovative marketing strategies, and global networking to match clients with the ideal properties locally and internationally.

In addition to being a trusted real estate marketer, Knight Frank offers projects and property management, valuation, agency, and feasibility research. It also provides research-led consultancy, all at competitive prices.

9. VAAL Real Estate

VAAL real estate is a top international property developer specializing in developing luxury properties in Turkey, the UK, and Africa. It has an outstanding knowledge of the real estate market, unrivaled innovation, and modern architecture. It is ideal for clients looking for a modern building with luxury features, quality finishes, and high returns on investment.

In addition to developing high-end apartments, VAAL real estate offers financial advice to people looking for investment opportunities. The company has erected elegant apartments and towers in Kenya, like the Wilma towers in Kilimani and Divine and Elite residency in Westlands.

10. Fanaka real estate limited

Fanaka is the most transparent real estate developer specializing in selling residential plots in Nairobi and its environs. They are rated as the best land seller in Nairobi for their uncompromised credibility, integrity, and accountability. The company’s mission is to provide clients with a wide range of affordable real estate solutions. They cover the following areas:

  • Thika road
  • Kamulu
  • Joska
  • Kamakis
  • Malaa
  • Koma

Advantages of Real Estate Companies

Working with a real estate company has numerous advantages when buying, renting, or selling a property. Example:

  • They match clients with ideal properties
  • They ensure the property is not overvalued
  • They ensure the property is in excellent condition before letting or selling it to a customer
  • They help you tackle the necessary paperwork
  • They negotiate on behalf of customers hence protecting them from emotional negotiations.


The good news is that Kenya has many including the above real estate companies offering exceptional quality services.