Top 10 Property Management Companies in Kenya

by | Oct 24, 2022

Property management companies assume landlords’ responsibilities of managing their residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Their responsibility is to oversee routine tasks as assigned to them by the property owners: Eg, rent collection, repairs and maintenance, tenant screening, and evictions, among other duties.  

The birth of property management companies in Kenya

The real estate industry has seen significant growth in the past decades leading to increased residential and commercial properties. This surge in development called for a helping hand towards the real estate investors, giving rise to property management companies.

Since it entered the real estate industry, property management companies have grown significantly—this surge in growth results from the increased numbers of real estate property owners seeking their services.

Although at a fee, the property management company services relieve landlords of the stress and burden of overseeing their properties’ daily routines. As a result, they can conveniently continue with other businesses as they receive their monthly dues.

How to Choose a Property Management Company

Although the Kenya property management sector is doing fine, there are a few things to consider when selecting the right company for your property. Check them out:

  • Scope of work

Usually, commercial real estate has different management requirements from residential real estate. While property type defines the management requirement, Kenyan property management firms have a well-structured menu with varying management packages and charges. In this case, you must select the package that suits your property requirements.

The easiest way to choose the right property management company is to define the duties you would like to delegate. Once you have a list of responsibilities you want to surrender, look for property management firms offering those services, comparing their charges and expertise until you land the right one.

  • Consider track record

Kenya has over a hundred real estate management companies advertising themselves top performers. The critical part is that poor-performing companies tend to be the easiest to get. To avoid landing on incompetent property management firms looking for companies’ track records is crucial.

The most effective way to get companies’ track records is through referrals. You can also research a few firms offering the type of services you seek, conduct interviews, and visit one or more properties under their management. You can also talk to some of their clients to know if their services are worth hiring.

  • Cancellation procedures

Cancellation is an essential provision in any contract. While history has it that competent companies have no issue with clients having the right to cancel a contract, poor companies tend to avoid this clause. Nevertheless, all property management firms must include the cancellation clause in the agreement since no one knows the future.

Various circumstances might call for the cancellation of a property management contract, such as a decline in service delivery. In addition, an investor might decide to sell the property, and the new landlord turns out to have their preferred companies. In such a case, cancellation of the contract is inevitable.

Top 10 property management companies in Kenya

1. Ark Consultants Limited

Ark consultants limited are a fully registered comprehensive real estate firm serving Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nanyuki. It offers a wide selection of real estate services, including valuation, property management, appraisal, estate agency, and construction project management.

For property management services, Ark consultants offer repairs and maintenance, rent collection, tenant management, etc.

2. Gimco Limited

Gimco limited is a real estate consultancy firm offering various real estate services, including property management, valuation, agency, and research and feasibility study. The company was created over three decades ago with the mission of helping property owners improve their service delivery and maximize returns on investments. Its management services include:

  • Lease administration
  • Rent collection and accounting
  • Tenant management
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Facility management
  • Assessment of rent and service charges

The company services are available for residential and commercial properties in parklands, Kenyatta Avenue, Kileleshwa, Upperhill, Nairobi’s CBD, Westlands, etc. They have qualified staff fully trained to offer professional services observing high levels of integrity, discipline, and accountability. 

3. Dunhill Consulting Limited

Dunhill consulting is a professional property management company with a strong team of diverse expertise. It was founded to provide property owners with cost-effective, professional, and hassle-free management and maintenance services. In addition to providing world-class maintenance services, Dunhill consulting offers professional sales and marketing services.

Suppose you want to rent offices, residential houses, or commercial buildings; Dunhill will match you with an ideal property. They also help clients sell or buy plots or houses in Westlands, Mombasa road, Kilimani, Parklands, and Lower Kabete areas. Their services are affordable and reliable and ensure professionalism at all stages.

4. Commercial property Kenya

Commercial property Kenya is a fast-growing property management company with a proven record of high levels of integrity and accountability in its service delivery. The company boasts of an affluent team committed to providing investors with quality management services. 

In addition to providing property management services, commercial property Kenya sells and markets residential houses in Lavington, Valley Arcade, Kileleshwa, Kilimani, and the neighboring areas.

5. Villa Care

Villa care is a leading real estate company dealing with a wide array of real estate and property management services to government clients, individuals, and businesses. For decades, it has been a reliable company ensuring clients’ expectations are met in any line of duty. The company boasts of young and motivated staff who have demonstrated high discipline, integrity, and accountability in their lines of work.

In addition to property management, Villa care is an expert in property sales, facility management, project management, leasing, letting, and rentals. Their knowledge of residential and commercial properties gives them an upper hand in matching clients with properties in Kileleshwa, Kilimani, Kitisuri, south C, Lavington, etc.

6. Knight Frank Kenya

Knight Frank Kenya is a well-established real estate agency providing clients with personalized property management, valuation, and transaction support services. Additionally, it offers project consultation and the sale and leasing of properties across the country.

Suppose you are looking for luxury real estate, commercial space, or typical residential estate; Knight Frank Kenya has over two decades of experience matching clients with their desired properties. It also offers professional investment advice to corporates and homeowners.

7. Tysons Limited

Tyson limited is among Kenya’s oldest real estate companies, with almost a hundred years of active presence in Kenya’s real estate market. It has diligently provided commercial, residential, and industrial real estate with property management services for nearly ten decades. They are the most sought-after by clients looking for services such as:

  • Management of office blocks, apartments, shopping centers, etc
  • Extensive community residences
  • Companies
  • Government facilities
  • Embassies
  • Churches, etc

Additionally, Tyson limited offers a valuation of land, plant, building, machinery, vehicles, and office equipment, among other properties. They also offer real estate research, besides being a general estate agency.

8. Hass Consultants

Hass consult limited is a top-ranked real estate company offering exceptional property and facility management. It provides a wide range of management services, including:

  • Rental billing and collection
  • Financial reporting
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Lease administration, including renewal and reviews
  • Management of common areas in facilities

Also, Hassconsult limited is a reputable developer with over three decades in the real estate business. Other services include valuation, research, interior designs, sales, and marketing, among other real estate products. Its coverage areas include Runda, Westlands, Riverside drive, Upperhill, and related neighborhoods.

9. Azizi Realtors

Azizi realtors are property management, property letting, and property agency specialists. It prides itself on its wide range of motivated professional experts who diligently ensure top-quality service delivery in every department. It also hires top-notch real estate management skills well versed in residential and commercial management requirements.

Besides providing excellent management services, Azizi realtors offer prime property sales and letting in Lavington, Langata, Kileleshwa, Runda, and Wangige. They have extensive knowledge of the real estate market in these areas, which is ideal for matching clients with ideal properties.

10. Lloyd Masika Limited

Lloyd Masika Limited is a locally founded firm created in the 1970s as a real estate valuation firm. It then diversified its portfolio into property management, dealing with commercial and residential properties. For nearly four decades, Lloyd Masika has strived to provide quality services, ensuring professional and ethical standards.

In addition to being a specialist valuer and professional property manager, Lloyd Masika is also involved in the sales and letting of commercial and residential properties. Their coverage areas include Thindigua, Westlands, Sandalwood, Lavington, Runda, Loresho, and related areas.  


Property management companies are critical in the real estate industry. They make work easy for landlords and improve hygienic standards in residential and commercial areas.