10 Major Real Estate Websites in Kenya

by | Oct 15, 2022

When it comes to searching for property either for sale or rent, nothing beats an authoritative website. Such websites offer you convenience and help you save time. What’s more, you can view thousands of properties either in your location or elsewhere at the comfort of your home. The following are some of the major real estate websites in Kenya.

1. Hauzisha.co.ke

If you are keen to find land, houses for sale or rent quickly, Hauzisha.co.ke is among the best websites to visit. The website is easy to navigate and lists thousands of properties from different parts of the country.

On the homepage, you can request a property depending on whether you want to buy or rent. If it’s a house for sale, for example, you can add the number of beds, minimum budget, your location, your personal details, before submitting the request. Immediately you do so, you can view several available properties in the location you selected.

As soon as your request is received, the website notifies agents in your location. The agents share the details of properties with you. You can thereafter arrange to visit to see the condition of the said properties.

2. Deals.jumia.co.ke

This website lists classifieds from different property owners from around the country. To purchase land or a house, you first start by selecting the region. Thereafter, you choose the type of real estate you want. It can be houses for rent or sale, or even plots and land. Once you click search, several photos and prices of properties in your preferred region are displayed.

The website displays the contact, SMS number, WhatsApp, and email of the seller at the bottom of the property. When you click on the call option, the seller’s number is displayed. You can thereafter arrange for viewing of the property or a site visit.

3. Kenyapropertycentre.com

This website lists real estate and property for sale across Kenya. The website actually doesn’t sale or rent property, but lists them on behalf of agents and even companies.

If you want to buy or rent property, you have to create an account. This is done by entering your preferred county, the property type, minimum and maximum price, before you search.

The website usually displays users search results within seconds. It then displays different properties and their prices. If you are keen on purchasing a property, you’ll click on it and get the WhatsApp number and the contact of the developer.

4. Property.co.ke

Property.co.ke lists properties from various agents in Kenya and several African countries. They make it possible for you to rent, or buy a house in different locations. In fact, the website has over two hundred thousand houses, flats and farms for either renting, selling, or letting.

When you find a property in your preferred location, you can either call the agent, or simply send a message. If you use a message, you’ll have to input your name, email, and mobile number, before sending it.

5. Commercial.propertykenya.com

This particular website lists rental houses, land, and even leased properties from all over Kenya. The properties are categorized into different regions, and you can refine your search using different parameters on the website.

Whenever you select a property to view, the details are usually below the said property. What’s more, you can contact the seller via the mobile number on the website.

The website also lists properties from other real estate agents. In addition, you can view more properties that have been added by the same sales agent.

6. Pigiame.co.ke

Pigiame.co.ke is among the largest and most trusted classifieds platforms in Kenya. It conveniently connects buyers and sellers in a way that protects buyers from fraud. They list hundreds of houses and land from different agents from across the country.

On their website, you can choose to view the said property at random, or you can decide to filter and refine the search results. The good thing about the website is that each listing has the contact, WhatsApp link, and a message button of the agent.

You can also subscribe via email to receive notifications on property and rentals of interest.

7. Property.mitula.co.ke

This authorative website specifically works as a property search engine in the country. This is because it lists different properties from across other real estate websites.

They have over forty thousand properties categorized into regions. To find the right property, you need to specify your location, the type of property you are looking for, and the price, before searching.

As soon as properties are displayed, you can choose the one you like by clicking on the images. Thereafter, you have the option of contacting the seller using the number displayed on the seller’s details section.

But since it works as a search engine, you’ll be redirected to the main website where the agent first posted the property.

8. Buyrentkenya.com

This website is among those that are most visited by property seekers in Kenya. It lists hundreds of properties for sale and rent across Kenya. Additionally, you can read free expert advice and latest real estate news on the website.

You first have to register as a property seeker with your personal details. Thereafter, you select whether you are searching for land or homes. After inputting the minimum and maximum price, you can submit the form.

The website then displays hundreds of properties depending on your location. Agents will thereafter contact you, or can reach out to them from the website via phone or email.

9. Myproperty.co.ke

On this website, you can specifically find houses for rent and sale closest to you. They list property depending on location, budget, category, and the country.

Once you have filled these details and do a search, the specific properties in the region will be displayed. These can either be plots, land, and even houses for sale or rent.

You can view properties displayed, the features, pay plan, and the phone number at the reception, or Sales Centre. There is also an option of contacting the agent of the real estate company via email or phone number.

10. Jiji.co.ke

Even though Jiji.co.ke isn’t entirely a real estate website, it allows property owners to post free adverts on the website. The said adverts can either be for land or buildings that are being rented or sold.

As a property seeker, you can filter the information depending on the region and the cost of the property. When you click on the property you want, you can view several photos of the property.

However, you cannot contact the seller directly. The website only allows you to live chat the seller, or request a call back from them.


The above real estate websites have proven beyond doubt that they can help you to find the right property anywhere in Kenya at the click of a button. Whenever you’re looking for property online, you can visit any one of them.