How to Get Clients in Real Estate in Kenya

by | Oct 24, 2022

At this time and age marketing is one of the most important aspects of any successful business. The ability to spread information and create an attractive face for a business to attract customers has major effects on a business. The marketing strategy chosen may affect certain aspects from the way the population perceive a business to how profitable the business becomes.

In the real estate market, every major player has a solid marketing strategy to target a certain target population. Here are some of the ways to attract clients;

1. Listing the property on Hauzisha

Hauzisha is a major platform that offers a broad audience of people in search of new homes, making it one of the most effective methods to attract new clients.

The site’s All In One House Search Solution feature is a key aspect that attracts clients to the search. Additionally, the site offers the ability for clients to search for homes in specific locations along with features that regularly updates listings and upgraded listing sorting mechanisms.

2. Creating a Google Business Profile

Google business profile is a tool that enables businesses to develop and manage their online presence in google search and maps. The tools allow the businesses to be easily located and since the tool has an option to add contact information, clients can easily reach out.

In the real estate market, this is one of the most important steps to take as clients are able to identify the types of housing they require and clients will not choose what they don’t know. Google’s business profile allows businesses to be easily searched online commanding a better overall internet presence.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media use has spiked since a few years ago and is projected to keep rising. It is one of the easiest ways of attracting new customers. However, it requires a strategy for the type of audience targeted and how to approach them. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram are the major platforms that offer a huge stage with a large audience to showcase a business, build a brand reputation and also learn and improve.

These platforms also offer ways to keep in touch with clients and switch up the marketing strategy if needed. The use of social media requires discipline and patience. The business should post regularly and keep updating the audiences on promotions and offers.

4. Paid Advertisements

Google, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the platforms that offer a variety of paid advertisement types. These platforms have certain algorithms that target specific audiences that have a higher percentage of purchasing the products on the ads.

The ads created should be precise and straight to the point but also relatable and appealing to a broader audience. The ads also have to be mobile-friendly as 70% of internet traffic is made up of mobile devices.

5. Create a blog

Businesses create blogs as a way to showcase and explain to their customers why their products are helpful and the type of solutions they offer. A real estate blog includes the types of properties available, the layout per property, the price rates, and the process of buying the property.

The blogs should also include links to the sites and social media accounts as well as a ton of pictures. Blogs are an entry point to building up a market portfolio and gaining traction on the main websites.

6. Photo and video walkthroughs

Real estate is one of the types of businesses that relies on the presentation and explanation of properties. The target population for real estate includes people who are willing to move from long distances. This is why it’s encouraged to hire professional photographers to help capture the features that words may not be enough. Clients also like to see the details in clear high-resolution pictures to allow them to spot imperfections and curb their doubts.

If a picture speaks a thousand words then what about a video? Videos provide a whole level of detail to the properties as it’s easier to illustrate the layouts and showcase the movable features of the properties. These pictures and videos can be shared through online platforms and may end up going viral improving the traction of the business.

7. Partnerships

Hosting an open house event and inviting local businesses is a great way of advertising the properties to potential customers. From banking companies that finance the home, home decor companies, furniture companies, and mattress companies, to boutique shops are great partners to have in an open house.

The most effective strategy is setting up a fully equipped home with all the bells and whistles that include some of the products offered by local businesses and showcasing the perfect home. The businesses will also attract potential customers as they would like to showcase their products in their intended elements.

8. Billboard Advertisements

While the age of advertising on public streets is considered to be a dying venture, the business has evolved and instead of big plastic boards, advertising companies are setting up screens that can play video ads. This is a significant improvement and greatly affects the real estate market.

The properties may be displayed in the videos showcasing all the features and amenities along with the location, website and contact information without sacrificing one or the other. The idea is to choose a billboard that is well situated in a busy street to maximize the volume of potential clients.

9. Promotions and offers

The population usually associate good companies with the number of offers and promotions that are provided by the businesses. These promotions and offers usually benefit the company as they get an influx of customers who have been looking for great deals. The real estate market rarely uses this strategy which makes it one of the most effective strategies for building a reputation for the business.

Hosting a competition may also help create awareness of the real estate company and the type of properties they offer. This strategy has been proven to work most on properties as people will go to great lengths including taking up mortgages to purchase a property that is on offer which they may later sell for a profit.


Gaining traction for a real estate company in Kenya is a highly achievable goal, but it requires discipline and hard work to maintain the audience. They are exactly what any real estate company requires to kick start their businesses. These methods have their own specific level of difficulty and while some of them do involve spending money, the inevitable returns are worth the price.