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by | Apr 12, 2022

Where is Athi River Located?

Athi River is located in Machakos County, about 30 kilometers from Nairobi City.

It can be accessed using the Nairobi – Mombasa highway.

In which ward, constituency, and county is Athi River?

Athi River is a county assembly ward located in Mavoko Constituency.

They are part of Machakos County.

How big is Athi River and what is the population?

Athi River occupies 693 square kilometers, with a population of 81,302 according to the 2019 census.

What is the Postal Code for Athi River?

The postal code for Athi River is 00204.

What climate does the Athi River region experience?

Athi River area has a warm and temperate climate, with significant rainfall throughout the year.

What types of houses can be found in Athi River?

The town of Athi River has many villas and detached maisonette houses.

One will also encounter a lot of single family homes spread over significantly large plots of land.

Are houses available for sale or rent?

There are many villas and single family homes available for sale in Athi River.

Many of these are located within estates or gated communities.

One can also acquire such homes by renting them.

What Sizes are the Houses in Athi River?

Houses in Athi River are built on relatively large plots of land, compared to homes near the city.

Therefore, the houses have multiple bedrooms and spacious rooms.

Residents looking for large family houses with enough space for everyone, would find Athi River area suitable.

How is the security situation in Athi River?

Athi River is a safe town and neighbourhood to live in.

Crime rates in Athi River remain low, and locals can rely on local police and private security firms to keep the area safe.

Where do Athi River residents get water?

The residents of Athi River get their water from the Mavoko Water and Sewerage Company, whose primary source is the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company.

Other key sources include Portland Dam, boreholes, and water kiosks.

How is the consistency of water supply in Athi River?

Water supply in Athi River has been affected by shortages in Ndakaini Dam, which in turn limit the water in Nairobi and result in rationing.

As such, Athi River residents have had to rely on alternative sources that include local boreholes.

What water companies are in Athi River?

Matters concerning water treatment, supply and large-scale storage in Athi River are governed by the Mavoko Water and Sewerage Company.

Who is Athi River’s main supplier of electricity?

Electricity supply and distribution in Athi River is covered by the Kenya Power company.

How consistent are blackouts in Athi River?

Athi River has experienced some major blackouts in the past.

Some blackouts have lasted for up to two days, affecting Export Processing Zone industries in the area and forcing them to temporarily halt their businesses.

Athi River was also affected by an extensive outage that hit all of Nairobi, resulting from a damaged power line.

On normal days, blackouts are not as frequent.

What types of schools are closely accessible to residents in Athi River?

Kindergarten Schools in Athi River

  • Kidz Next Door Kindergarten
  • Bunny House School Primary and Kindergarten
  • Good Shepherd Junior School
  • Emarosa Kindergarten
  • Best Nurse Kindergarten
  • The Play House Day Care and Kindergarten

Primary Schools in Athi River

  • Athi – River Primary School
  • Shalomark Junior Academy Primary School
  • First Baptist Academy Primary School
  • Nova Pioneer Athi River Primary School
  • St Paul’s Primary School
  • Athi Meadow Academy

Which hospitals are Located in Athi River?

Private hospitals in Athi River

  • Karen Hospital Kitengela
  • Dr. Thuo’s Clinic
  • Asiimire E.N.T. Healthcare
  • Tefran Community Nursing & Maternity
  • Imani Medical Centre
  • Maasai Medical Center

Public Hospitals in Athi River

  • Kitengela County Hospital
  • Mavoko Level 4 Hospital
  • Athi – River Health Centre Level 3
  • GK Prison Dispensary (Athi River)
  • Ngiini Dispensary Kathiani
  • LeMaiyan Hospital, Kitengela Town

Missionary Hospitals in Athi River

  • Athi River Community Hospital
  • St Paul’s Hospital
  • Athi River Shalom Community Hospital
  • Saint Mathews Maternity Home
  • Comboni Sisters Mission
  • Reinha Rosary Mission Hospital

Which Gyms are available in Athi River?

  • Kehl Fitness Gym
  • Metaflexx Gym
  • Vineyard Health & Fitness Centre
  • Jarliz Fitness Centre
  • AmokFit Gym
  • GoodLife Gym Kitengela

Which Spas are available in Athi River?

  • Science’s Spa/ Ninni Mall
  • SAYA Barbershop Salon & Spa
  • Jamus Massage Parlour
  • Royal Barber & Nail SPA
  • Samad Executive Spa and Salon
  • Hotel Green Garden

What Chemists and Pharmacies are Located in Athi River?

  • Pharmaplus Pharmacy Athi River
  • Athi Chemist
  • Athi – Link Chemist
  • Budget Chemists – Kitengela
  • Woodstreet Dispensing Chemist
  • Kitengela Chemist Near Eastmatt

What Garages operate in Athi River?

  • Highway Motor Garage
  • Smart Auto Garage
  • Excel Auto Garage
  • Linas Garage
  • Kick Motorcycle Spare Part and Garage
  • Victory Auto Garage

Which Car Wash joints operate in Athi River?

  • Concur Car Wash
  • Superclean Carwash and Lounge Athi River
  • Classic Carwash
  • Paraiso Car Wash
  • Carwash Chapchap
  • Sweetshine Car Wash

Where can you shop for food items in Athi River?

  • Athi River Market
  • Tuskys Supermarket-Athi River
  • China Wu Yi Supermarket
  • Your Choice Stores Limited Supermarket
  • Sunmart Super Market
  • Eastmatt

Household Items Shopping Centers in Athi River

  • Coloho Mall
  • Buyer Best Home Stores & Electronics
  • Kitengela Mall
  • Athi River Market
  • Edenville Shopping Center
  • Household & Beddings Shop

Which Communication Network providers are accessible in Athi River?

  • Safaricom Shop Kitengela
  • Airtel Shop Athi River
  • Telkom Shop Athi River
  • Equitel
  • MTN Business Limited
  • Liquid Telecommunications Limited

Which Internet and office network providers are available in Athi River?

  • MegaNet Technologies Limited
  • Clear View Solutions
  • Splash Internet Solution
  • Kitengela Cyberworld
  • Billmart Technologies
  • Sigmanet Wireless
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