10 Best Shopping Malls In Nairobi

by | Dec 7, 2021

Shopping malls are a hallmark of city life. They are large spaces with everything you need under one roof. Malls provide clothing stores, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, recreational centers, and even entire hotels and houses where you can stay. Nairobi is a large and busy city, hence the many malls you can visit and run all your errands. The best malls are found in accessible locations, have numerous stores inside them, and provide a great shopping experience for everyone. If you have just moved in and settled in Nairobi, or if you are just passing by, you need a guide to the best malls in the city and what to expect. Below are the top ten.

1. Two Rivers Mall

One of the newest malls in Nairobi is the Two Rivers Mall along Limuru Road. It is also the largest mall in sub-saharan Africa outside of South Africa. It is a landmark mall, with an amusement park and houses for rent or sale. Thanks to the large water park area, Two Rivers is used to host events and small concerts. It is located right on Limuru Road, just before Ruaka Town. Popular stores include LC Waikiki, Swarovski, My Curves Kenya and the Carrefour Supermarket as its in-house hypermarket.

Location: Limuru Road Nairobi KE

Working Hours: 10am to 7pm daily

Popular spots: Ferris Wheel, Water Park

Google Rating: 4.6 stars, (20,591 reviews)

2. Garden City Mall

Garden City Mall is one of the biggest malls in Kenya, and it is built along Thika Road. It is much newer than most malls in the country and comes with a contemporary design plus the latest stores. For your young ones, the mall has a children’s playground and a Water Fountain Play-park. Visitors enjoy ample parking space and wheelchair accessibility. You can use a variety of payment methods to shop and pay for meals. The mall is close to popular entertainment spots on Thika Road, and it also provides access to medical facilities.

Location: Thika Road, Nairobi

Working Hours: 9am to 10pm daily

Popular spots: IMAX Cinema, Game Nairobi, Art Caffe

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (18,043 reviews)

3. Westgate Shopping Mall

For daily, weekly, and monthly entertainment events and activities, look no further than Westgate Mall. It stands out for having a pop-up market with a number of art and craft kiosks. The mall can accommodate over 700 cars, giving it more than enough parking space especially for events. The Westgate Mall has a relaxed atmosphere and provides convenient and accessible services from all shoppers. Mall security at Westgate is great, allowing visitors to feel safe and secure. Westgate also has a number of top-rated restaurants, most notably Tapas Kenya and Grill Shack.

Location: 15 Mwanzi Rd, Nairobi

Working Hours: 8am to 12am daily

Popular spots: Westgate Cinema, Pop-up Market, Gym

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (11,720 reviews)

4. The Village Market

Tucked away inside the lush neighborhood of Gigiri, the Village Market remains one of the best malls in Nairobi. The retail complex has scenic views, with a beautifully designed landscape made up of trees, grass, flowers, and artificial water passages. In addition to the great architecture, the Village Market is home to many stores, including restaurants, the Carrefour Supermarket, gaming shops, the Trademark Hotel, clothing stores, and banks. It is ideal for locals, as well as tourists thanks to its holistic and diverse culture.

Location: Limuru Road, Nairobi

Opens: 8:30 am to 10pm daily

Popular spots: Ball Point Games, Food Court, Trademark Hotel

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (635 reviews)

5. TRM- Thika Road Mall

TRM is a notable establishment built on the Thika Superhighway. It provides retail space for multiple department stores and food joints. It also experiences a large number of human traffic, thanks to its location. As such, it is a busy mall. TRM has a great food court, with a couple of fast food joints for those looking for a quick meal. It is well-managed, with clean spaces as well as efficient escalators. TRM has the essential amenities, including banking halls, cafes, electronic shops, and supermarkets. For fun and entertainment, there is a gaming arena with a couple of indoor games. TRM is a great place to get coffee or lunch with a friend, thanks to the coffee shops and restaurants in the mall. For clothes, shoes, and household supplies, look no further than shops like Bata, Hush Puppies, Miniso, and Titan. Specific bank branches available include Barclays, ABC Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and KCB. You can expect busier weekends than weekdays.

Location: TRM Drive, Nairobi

Working Hours: 8am to 9pm daily

Popular spots: Carrefour TRM, Java House- Thika Road, Beirut Lebanese Cuisine

Google Rating: 4.4 stars, (21,339 reviews)

6. Sarit, your city!

Opened in the 1980’s, Sarit Centre has served the residents of Nairobi for decades, making it widely known and popular. Thanks to its most recent renovation, Sarit Centre now features multiple worldwide brands, and visitors are spoilt for choice.

Location: Pio Gama Pinto Road, Karuna Road, Nairobi

Working Hours: 8am to 8pm daily

Popular spots: Newscafe Sarit Centre, The Library, Woolworths

Google Rating: 4.4 stars, (13,952 reviews)

7. Yaya Centre

Yaya Centre is an indoor mall with multiple stores as well as a couple of restaurants. It provides office and shop space for many businesses in the Kilimani-Kileleshwa area. It is also one of the oldest malls in Nairobi. Popular restaurants include Dim Sum House and Chinese Kitchen, which provide foreign cuisine for those with a taste for oriental dishes. It is also famous for Bookstop, a bookstore with all your book and stationery supplies. Foreign visitors can access forex services with ease at Yaya Centre.

Location: Argwings Kodhek Rd, Nairobi

Working Hours: 8am to 9pm daily, open from 9am to 6pm on Sundays

Popular spots: Bookstop Ltd, Maasai Market, Sierra Brasserie

Google Rating: 4.4 stars, (12,859 reviews)

8. ABC Place

The ABC Place stands out for being a women-owned business, with lots of shops and 24-hour access. It is a lot less busy than most malls in Nairobi, giving it ample parking space for visitors as well as a spacious feel. It is also a very secure mall. Stores include furniture shops, fashion stores, beauty galleries and food joints. It is easily accessible using Waiyaki Way from the CBD.

Location: Waiyaki Way, Nairobi

Working Hours: 24 hours

Popular spots: Zucchini, Seven’s Grill, Mercury Lounge

Google Rating: 4.4 stars, (1,329 reviews)

9. Rosslyn Riviera

Rosslyn Riviera Mall was built around the same time as Two Rivers Mall, and the Two are not far from each other. However, Rosslyn Riviera is a much quieter place, with all essential stores but none of the grand amenities at Two Rivers. It is an eco-friendly mall, with minimal crowds and a lot more space to move around. It houses classic brands such as Java House and 360 Degrees Pizza, as well as Chandarana Foodplus.

Rosslyn Riviera Mall is famous for Nyumba Cinema, a private movie theater that usually can book with friends and select your favorite movie to watch.

Location: P.O. Box 49172-00100, Limuru Road, Nairobi

Working Hours: 8 am to 8 pm daily. Open at 9 am on Sundays

Popular spots: Nyumba Cinema, Java House, Chandarana Foodplus

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (2,805 reviews)

10. Gateway Mall

Conveniently located on Airport North Road in Syokimau, Gateway Mall provides everything under one roof for anyone living or travelling around the area. It is a great place to stock up on supplies for the house. The mall also has a club where you can enjoy a night out with friends. With a branch of Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, it provides access to healthcare services for families. It also has a children’s play area where your young ones can have fun on the weekends. The mall is open for twenty-four hours everyday, thus ideal for your nighttime emergency trips to the store.

Location: Airport North Road, Nairobi

Opens: 24 hours

Popular spots: Naivas Supermarket, 254 Lounge, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (10,010 reviews)


If you are in Nairobi and you need a place to shop, eat, or have fun, you are spoilt for choice. The city has plenty of malls where you can do all that and more. Each mall has a unique selling point or a popular store that visitors often come to experience. Your mall of choice will also be influenced by where you live and how easily you can access it. Enjoy your visit to Nairobi or live a life of convenience by exploring these top-rated malls.