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by | Apr 13, 2022

Where is Embakasi found in Nairobi?

Embakasi is located east of the Nairobi Central Business District, in the area generally known as Eastlands.

In which county and constituency is Embakasi?

Embakasi was formerly a division under the old constitution.

When the new boundaries were formed and devolved government units created, Embakasi was divided into five constituencies, namely: Embakasi North, Embakasi South, Embakasi Central, Embakasi East, and Embakasi West.

These constituencies are all part of Nairobi County.

What area does Embakasi cover and how many residents live here?

Embakasi is the most populated area in Nairobi, with the Embakasi sub-county having a population of 988,808 people according to the 2019 population census in Kenya.

What is the Postal Office Code for Embakasi?

Residents living within Embakasi and all neighborhoods nearby use 00501 as their post office code number.

What weather or climate do the Embakasi residents experience?

The climate in Embakasi can be described as moderate, with wet summers and dry winters.

What categories of houses are found in Embakasi?

Houses in Embakasi vary from place to place, with corrugated iron sheet houses in slums like Mukuru Kwa Njenga, and single family homes in areas such as Savanna.

Are homes in Embakasi available for sale or rent?

It is possible to find both rental houses as well as homes for sale in Embakasi.

How safe is the area of Embakasi?

Embakasi is home to many security firm offices, providing residents with a variety of options for their security needs.

The neighborhood also has a busy economy where businesses run till late at night, making it possible to travel safely even at such hours.

Where does water come from in Embakasi?

Embakasi Residents get their water from Nairobi Water (NCWSC) whose sources include dams outside Nairobi County such as Sasumua and Ndakaini.

How dependable is the water supply in Embakasi?

Embakasi and Nairobi overall has been faced with inevitable water shortages due to excess demand on the current water capacity of the county.

This translates to water rationing and subsequent supply interruptions for residents.

What water companies supply Embakasi?

Embakasi is categorized under the Eastern Region of Nairobi Water, and specifically Zone 3.

This allocation determines matters like water supply and bill payment or even customer service.

Who supplies electricity to Embakasi residents?

Embakasi has multiple power lines as well as electricity poles and transformers that are all built and maintained by Kenya Power.

When are blackouts experienced in Embakasi? 

Due to the presence of a high voltage power line in the neighborhood, power interruptions may be experienced more often in Embakasi whenever systemic damage occurs.

Scheduled interruptions are also frequent in the area but residents can prepare for these in advance.

What school categories are close to residents in Embakasi?

Kindergarten/Elementary Schools for children in Embakasi

  • Earlydays Kindergarten & Preparatory IGCSE School
  • Daycare and Kindergarten|Prism Kindergarten School
  • The PlayHouse Kindergarten
  • Good Testimony Kindergarten
  • St. Nicolas ECDE Collage & Kindergarten
  • Tumaini Preparatory And Kindergarten Education Centre

Primary learning institutions in Embakasi

  • NCC Embakasi Primary School
  • Embakasi Garrison Primary School
  • Good Testimony Junior School
  • New Junior Campus Academy
  • Kwa Njenga Primary School
  • Emmaus Junior Academy Primary School

Which hospitals are accessible to Embakasi Residents?

Privately operated health facilities in Embakasi

  • Winston Medical Centre
  • Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital – Embakasi Clinic
  • Lina Medical Services
  • Bristol Park Hospital, Tassia
  • Afrismart Group of Hospitals LTD
  • Pikasa Hospital Embakasi

Public Health Facilities in Embakasi

  • Embakasi Health Centre
  • Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital
  • Mukuru Health Centre
  • Lunga Lunga Health Centre
  • Mary Immaculate Clinic Mukuru
  • Kayole II Sub County Hospital

Missionary Health facilities in Embakasi

  • Baldo Ippolita Catholic Health Center
  • Angelic Missions Hospital
  • Reinha Rosary Mission Hospital
  • Alice Nursing Home
  • Maria Hospital and Maternity Home
  • Assisi Nursing Home

Which Gyms can one visit in Embakasi?

  • Smart Gyms Southfield
  • Fedha Superfit Gym And Aerobics
  • Digital Fitness Centre Gym
  • Turtle Dove Fitness Center
  • Total Fitness Connection
  • Muscle Health & Fitness (K) Limited

Which Spas are based in Embakasi?

  • Dreamers Spa and Salons
  • Revive Nail Spa 254
  • Kasandi Nails and Spa
  • Olga’s Spa and wellness
  • Silk SPA Kenya
  • Legends Barber And Spa Shop

What Pharmacies operate in Embakasi?

  • Ecodrugs Pharmacy Chemist
  • Goodlife Pharmacy,Tuskys Embakasi
  • Ultracare Pharmaceuticals Ltd Chemists Wholesale & Retail
  • Hammersmith Pharmacy Limited
  • East End Chemists Limited
  • Chapmeds Pharmaceuticals

What Garages are available in Embakasi?

  • Autotronics Performance Garage Limited
  • G Craft Auto Garage
  • Issa Auto Spares and Garage
  • Mouch Services Auto Garage
  • Marcallexon Volkswagen Garage
  • Quattro-Sports Autos & Transmissions- EA

Which Car wash areas can be found in Embakasi?

  • Top Touch Car Wash
  • New Expert Car Wash
  • Platinum Car Wash
  • Kwa DC Car Wash
  • Casino Pressure Car Wash
  • Diamond Business Center Car Wash

Where can you purchase food items in Embakasi?

  • Shajah Mini – Supermarket
  • Naivas Supermarket -Nyayo Embakasi
  • Naivas Supermarket – Imaara Mall
  • Choppies Enterprises Kenya Limited
  • Shams Grocery Store
  • Naivas Supermarket Kobil Embakasi

Household goods Shopping areas in Embakasi

  • Southfield Mall
  • Bila Shaka Shop and Suppliers
  • Gateway Mall
  • Shoppers Zone Embakasi Ltd
  • Miniso Southfield Mall
  • Ramis Center

Which Telecom Networks are accessible in Embakasi?

  • Liquid Intelligent Technologies Kenya
  • Onfon Media Limited
  • Safaricom Customer Care Centre Embakasi Price-rite Communications Ltd
  • Simbanet Kenya Limited
  • Geonet Technologies Limited
  • Satellite Mobile Sales

Which Wi-Fi providers are available in Embakasi?

  • EcoLink Broadband
  • Africk Cyber Cafe
  • Heaven Come Internet Solutions
  • Big Data Link Networks
  • Kasi Networks Technologies
  • Wananchi Group Limited- Head Office
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