About Runda

by | Apr 4, 2022

Where is Runda Located?

Runda is located in the northern part of Nairobi County, near the border with Kiambu County.

In which ward, constituency, and county is Runda?

Runda is situated inside the Karura County Assembly Ward, which is within Westlands Constituency and part of the larger Nairobi County

How big is Runda and what is the population?

Runda Estate covers 14 square kilometers.

What is the Postal Code for Runda?

The postal code for Runda is 00100 since it falls under the Nairobi postal area.

What climate does the Runda region experience?

The Runda neighbourhood experiences a relatively cooler climate than the rest of Nairobi County, owing to its proximity to the cold and wet Kiambu County.

 It experiences highs of about 27° and lows of 11° annually. The hottest temperatures are registered in the months of December and January, while the coldest ones are in June and July.

In terms of the amount of days of rainfall experienced each month, the wettest months tend to be April and November, while the driest ones are in July and August.

What is air pollution like in Runda?

Runda experiences minimal pollution, unlike most of Nairobi County. That is thanks to the extensive grass and tree cover that characterises the entire neighborhood.

Runda estate also has rules such as a ban on all public service vehicles, as well as a limit on the hours within which building construction is allowed.

 These rules result in curbing pollution and providing clean air for residents.

Where is Runda located in Nairobi?

In Nairobi, Runda is located 12 kilometers from the Central Business District, and separated from the city centre by the large Karura Forest.

The estate is found on the East of Limuru Road, and on the West side of Kiambu Road.

It is flanked by Ruaka on the North, and on the South, it is bordered by a collection of coffee farms.

What matatu route should you take to Runda from Nairobi and what is the cost?

From the Nairobi Central Business District, you can take matatus to Runda. You may use matatu route 106, route 107, or route 11B.

The matatus will use either Limuru Road or Kiambu Road depending on the route number.

The matatu stage inside the CBD is Odeon terminus, located at the junction of Latema Road and Tom Mboya Street.

The trip to Runda estate costs Kshs 80 during peak hours and Kshs 50 during off-peak hours when there is less car traffic on the roads.

What types of houses can be found in Runda?

Runda is home to multiple estates, within which you will find bungalows, townhouses, villas, maisonettes, and standalone cottages.

Are houses available for sale or rent?

The houses in Runda are available for sale, for both cash buyers and those looking for mortgages to finance their purchases. The houses are also available for long-term and short-term renting.

What Sizes are the Houses in Runda?

Houses in Runda are large, with many homes occupying an average of one or two acres of land. They have spacious rooms, with large staff quarters and driveways, as well as amenities like swimming pools.

How is the security situation in Runda?

The security in Runda Estate is tight, with residents enjoying safety at all hours of the day.

This situation is thanks to safety measures such as security barricades at the entrances of the estate with thorough security checks, and the presence of several security firms providing patrol cars and security guards to monitor the neighborhood.

Where do Runda residents get water?

The residents of Runda source their water from Ruaka River, which is filtered, cleaned, and treated at the Runda Water treatment plant.

How is the consistency of water supply in Runda?

Water supply in Runda is very consistent, with interruptions in supply only being experienced by those who have not paid their water bills.

Water connection is typically restored as soon as one’s water bill is cleared.

What water companies are in Runda?

Runda is served by the Runda Water Company, which covers areas such as Old Runda and Runda Mimosa.

Who is Runda’s main supplier of electricity?

Electricity in Runda is supplied by Kenya Power.

How consistent are blackouts in Runda?

Blackouts are not consistent in the area, and are only experienced when Kenya Power enforces power interruptions to conduct maintenance.

What types of schools are closely accessible to residents in Runda?

Kindergarten Schools in Runda

  • Potterhouse School and Kindergarten
  • Standy Montessori Academy
  • Tawi Kindergarten
  • Green Acorn Daycare and Kindergarten
  • Eban Rock Kindergarten
  • Bloomsfield Kindergarten and School
  • SABIS International School – Runda, Kenya

Primary Schools in Runda

  • Regis School Runda
  • Cheleta Primary School
  • Rosslyn Academy
  • Kijani Ridge School
  • Brookhouse School Runda

Which hospitals are Located in Runda?

Private hospitals in Runda

  • Ruaka Healthcare Hospital
  • Crane Hospital
  • M. P Shah Hospital
  • AAR Hospital Nairobi
  • Agha Khan Hospital, Ridgeways

Public Hospitals in Runda

Missionary Hospitals in Runda

  • St. Peter and Ann Hospital Centre
  • St. Teresa Hospital Kiambu

Which Gyms are available in Runda?

  • CrossFit Kwetu
  • UN Recreational Centre
  • Physiq and Tone Gym
  • Feel Fitness Centre

Which Spas are available in Runda?

  • Ameerah Ladies Spa and Salon
  • Serenity Spa Gigiri
  • Uglow Medi Spa
  • Kaya Spa
  • Bustani Day Spa

What Chemists and Pharmacies are Located in Runda?

  • Centurion Pharmacy
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Village Market
  • Neem Pharmacy Gigiri
  • Belladonna Pharmacy
  • Hello Pharmacy

What Garages operate in Runda?

  • My Car Care Limited
  • S.S Motor Garage
  • Super Garage
  • Rosslyn Gates Centre – Auto Garage
  • Runda Autocare

Which Car wash joints operate in Runda?

Where can you shop for food and household items in Runda?

  • Carrefour Supermarket – Two Rivers Mall
  • Naivas Supermarket – Ciata Mall
  • Chandarana Foodplus – Rosslyn Riviera Mall
  • Beyond Fruits – Gigiri
  • Quickmart – Kiambu Road

Household Items Shopping Centers in Runda

  • Rosslyn Riviera Mall
  • Two Rivers Mall
  • Ridgeways Mall
  • Ciata Mall

Which Communication Network providers are accessible in Runda?

  • Safaricom
  • Airtel
  • Telkom

Which Internet and office network providers are available in Runda?

  • Mymanga Networks
  • Faiba Telecommunications
  • Safaricom Fiber Network
  • Zuku
  • Rapid Speed Networks
  • Kasnet Internet Services
  • CheetahNet Solutions Limited
  • Mabawa Networks
  • MyISP Limited