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by | Apr 22, 2022

Where is Buruburu Located?

Buruburu is a residential estate within Nairobi County designed to accommodate residents working close to the city.

Via Jogoo Road, Buruburu is 7.5 kilometers away from the CBD.

In which ward, constituency, and county is Buruburu?

Buruburu is divided into phases 1 to 5.

Phase 4 and 5 fall into both Viwandani and Maringo/Hamza wards.

Phase 2 and 3 are inside Harambee ward, and Phase 1 is in Kariobangi South.

Buruburu Estate is inside two Nairobi County constituencies, Makadara and Embakasi West.

What is the Postal Code for Buruburu?

The post office code number for Buruburu residents is 00515.

What climate does the Buruburu region experience?

In Buruburu, the prevailing climate is the tropical savanna climate.

The area is warm during all months, but July gets chilly.

Buruburu has a wet and rainy season as well as a dry season.

What types of houses can be found in Buruburu?

Buruburu started out as an organized residential estate built into five phases.

The houses were designed for families, and are therefore main houses with their own compounds.

Are houses available for sale or rent?

Many of the one and two bedroom houses in Buruburu are available for rent especially for those without families since they do not need more space.

There are also several three-bedroom houses and four-bedroom houses available for sale in Buruburu.

What Sizes are the Houses in Buruburu?

Homes in Buruburu estate come with relatively more space at a more affordable price.

This affordability can be attributed to the location of the area in Eastlands as well as controlled development compared to other neighbourhoods in Nairobi.

How is the security situation in Buruburu?

Buruburu is a safe place to live in, thanks to security designed to keep estates free from unwanted visitors or intruders.

Where do Buruburu residents get water?

Buruburu residents benefit from the piped water system built in place by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company.

The company’s sources include Ndakaini, Sasumua and Ruiru One Dams, plus, more recently, Kikuyu Springs.

How is the consistency of water supply in Buruburu?

Water supply in Buruburu is relatively reliable, thanks to better planning and infrastructure in the area.

Shortages may be experienced periodically as a result of reducing water levels in the dams during dry seasons.

Who is Buruburu ‘s main supplier of electricity?

The Kenya Power company manages power supply and distribution all over the country, including in Buruburu.

How consistent are blackouts in Buruburu?

Blackouts are not experienced as often in Buruburu as other neighbourhoods in Nairobi, and residents can easily reach Kenya Power in case of unexpected outages.

What types of schools are closely accessible to residents in Buruburu?

Kindergarten Schools in Buruburu

  • Bright Beginnings Kinderstart School
  • Barbie Kids Kindergarten
  • Chalk Farm Junior School
  • Dominique Junior Academy
  • Taji School Junior Campus
  • Shepherds Junior School

Primary Schools in Buruburu

  • Thomas Burke Primary School
  • Bidii Primary School – Buruburu
  • Baraka Primary School
  • Wanja And Kim Primary School
  • ACK St. James Buruburu School
  • Harambee Primary School

Which hospitals are Located in Buruburu?

Private hospitals in Buruburu

  • Metropolitan Hospital Nairobi
  • The Mater Hospital-Buru Buru Clinic
  • Avenue Healthcare Buruburu Clinic
  • Meridian Medical Center-Buruburu
  • Bliss Medical Centre Buruburu
  • Aga Khan University Hospital Buruburu

Public Hospitals In Buruburu

  • Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital
  • Kayole II Sub County Hospital
  • Hono Clinic
  • Umoja Health Centre
  • Njiru Health Center
  • Embakasi Health Centre

Missionary Hospitals in Buruburu

  • St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital
  • Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital
  • Eldevale Trust Jamaa Mission Hospital
  • Comboni Missionary Sisters Health Programme
  • Coptic Hospital-Main
  • St. Mary’s Mission Hospital

Which Gyms are available in Buruburu?

  • Henry’s Fitness,Gym and Training Facility
  • Lystra Gym And Spa
  • Power Flex Gym and Aerobics
  • Get Fit Gym & Aerobics
  • Gold Rock Gym and Fitness Centre
  • Wazito Fitness Centre

Denne 5-dagers kroppsbyggingen delte en tidløs klassiker qualitat drostanolone propionate mit versand sovjetisk bodybuilding gym – galet sterk treningWhich Spas are available in Buruburu?

  • Amigoz Spa
  • Buruklyn Finest Clinique
  • Pure Bliss Nail Spa
  • Nail Master Spa
  • Havilah Nail Spa and Beauty Parlour
  • Lystra Gym And Spa

What Chemists and Pharmacies are Located in Buruburu?

  • Summed Pharmacy Limited 
  • Nature Pharmacy Limited 
  • Penpharm Pharmacy
  • Phoenix Pharmacy Chemist
  • Token Pharmaceuticals Limited 
  • Canaan Pharmaceuticals Limited 

What Garages operate in Buruburu?

  • Auto Centre Garage Buruburu
  • Sincere Auto Garage
  • Henry’s Auto Garage
  • Automecs International Garage Limited
  • Jurex Auto Garage
  • Mwea Plaza Garage

Which Car wash joints operate in Buruburu?

  • Eagle Auto Care
  • Oilibya Car Wash
  • Kenya Yetu Car Wash
  • Mama Abu Car Wash
  • Car Upholstery Wash and Care
  • Pancity Car Wash

Where can you shop for food and household items in Buruburu?

  • Naivas Supermarket-Buruburu
  • Quick Mart Buruburu
  • Fanaka Fresh Foods
  • Quick Mart-Donholm
  • Gateway Shop Dairy And Grocery
  • Garden Of Eden Juicery

Household Items Shopping Centers in Buruburu

  • Nairobi Home Appliances
  • Buruburu Shopping Plaza
  • The Point Mall Buruburu
  • Mesora Shopping Center
  • Buruburu Flower Centre
  • The Point Mall Buruburu

Which Communication Network providers are accessible in Buruburu?

  • Telkom Buruburu shop
  • Safaricom Shop Buruburu
  • Tele Yetu Agent-Nespete
  • Rossy Telecom Limited
  • Simba Telecom-Head Office
  • Jamboclick Communications

Which Internet and office network providers are available in Buruburu?

  • Beans Internet
  • Zero14 Networks
  • Japelink Technologies
  • MyISP Limited
  • Datacom Fibre Networks
  • Ferinet Cyber
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