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by | Apr 19, 2022

Where is Umoja Located in Nairobi?

Umoja is a residential area in the Eastlands part of Nairobi.

Umoja is accessible from Nairobi via both the Eatern Bypass as well as Jogoo Road.

In which political units does Umoja belong?

The area of Umoja is split into two county assembly wards, Umoja I and Umoja II. They are both inside Embakasi West Which is a constituency in Nairobi County.

How large is Umoja and what number of residents occupy the area?

Umoja covers 3.05km² and had about 101,478 residents at the time of the 2019 population census.

What is the Post office/ ZipCode for Umoja?

Umoja residents use 00500 as their post office code.

What weather do residents in the Umoja region experience?

The weather in Umoja is warm, similar to other Nairobi areas. July and August are cold months, but the area warms up in September, with temperatures peaking in the month of February.

What houses are found in Umoja?

Before the influx of residents that moved to the area in recent years, houses in Umoja were mostly main houses as well as two storey flats with rental apartments.

Now, the area has many high-rise apartment buildings which has also led to overcrowding.

Are houses in Umoja for sale or for rent?

The flats in Umoja are mainly rental homes, but the family houses are up for sale as previous owners move to better neighbourhoods.

What House sizes are found in Umoja?

The family houses in Umoja have their own compounds with parking space while most apartments range from bedsitters to three-bedroom houses.

Is Umoja safe to live in?

The Umoja area experiences more crimes like mugging and theft nowadays, due to an increase of pubs as well as dense population in the area.

Where do Umoja residents buy water?

Umoja residents get their water from local vendors as well as the Nairobi Water company.

How dependable is the water supply in Umoja?

Umoja now experiences long water shortages that last weeks, due to the high population which has increased demand.

These shortages are despite the attempts by Nairobi Water to ration piped water supply.

What companies manage water in Umoja?

Umoja is supplied by different water vendors who use kiosks, tankers, and even jerry cans on carts.

However, the primary water management company in the area is NCWSC.

Who is Umoja’s power supplier?

Kenya Power is mandated to provide electricity and other related services to residents in the Umoja area.

How often are blackouts witnessed in Umoja?

Several estates in Eastlands have recently experienced frequent power interruptions and Umoja is one of them.

Residents can lodge complaints to Kenya Power via their customer care channels and also on social media pages.

What academic institutions are accessible to residents in Umoja?

Kindergarten Academic institutions in Umoja

  • Little Scholars Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Umoja Catholic Nursery
  • Kinder Gates Academy
  • Lavada Daycare and Kindergarten
  • Bloom Nest Academy
  • Parkcrest Daycare & Kindergarten

Primary Academic institutions in Umoja

  • Cathsam Primary School
  • Unity Primary School
  • Busara Primary School
  • Fadhili Junior School
  • Tumaini Primary School
  • Umoja Two Primary School

Which medical facilities are Located in Umoja?

Private Medical Centres in Umoja

  • Eastlands Medical Centre
  • Supreme Hospital
  • The Phadam Hospital Umoja Inner Core
  • Radiant Group of Hospitals – Umoja Branch
  • Umoja 3 Hospital
  • Jojo Medical Centre

Public Medical Centres in Umoja

  • Umoja Health Centre
  • Bahati Health Centre
  • Kayole II Sub County Hospital
  • Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital

Missionary Medical Centres in Umoja

  • Eldevale Trust Jamaa Mission Hospital

Which Gyms or Fitness Centres are available in Umoja?

  • Gold Rock Gym and Fitness Centre
  • Olympia Gym
  • Weider Classic Gym
  • Leijona Lifestyle Centre
  • Henry’s Fitness,Gym and Training Facility
  • Jaheca Health and Fitness Centre
  • Skymax Gym and Fitness Centre

Which Beauty/Spa Parlours are available in Umoja?

  • Samad Executive Spa and Salon
  • Purity Beauty Parlour & Salon
  • Henkkaz Barbershop & Spa
  • Brymas Nail Spa
  • Ceragem Healing Center
  • SC Glowing Touch Spa, Salon & Barber

What Pharmacies are accessible in Umoja?

  • Haripharm Chemist, Umoja One
  • Pharmasave Chemist
  • Unicare Chemist
  • Afyamed Chemists
  • Olive Chemist
  • Blue Pharm Chemist

What Garages are based in Umoja?

  • Henry’s Garage
  • V&B Garage Limited
  • Yoroi Garage
  • Freddys Garage, Tena
  • Montana Garage
  • Sarjim Auto Garage

Which Car wash areas are found in Umoja?

  • Mama Abu Car Wash
  • Pancity Car Wash
  • Bizzy Bee Carwash
  • Zidetch Car Wash
  • Okolox Car Wash
  • Tena Car Wash

Where can you find food items in Umoja?

  • Eastbite Supermarket, Umoja.
  • Zawadi General Groceries
  • Skymatt Supermarket
  • Dimplez Supermarket
  • Patmatt Supermarket Limited
  • Mantex Supermarket Umoja Unity

Household Items Sale Centers in Umoja

  • Pride Home Wares
  • Superhouse Shopping Mall
  • Shujaa Mall
  • Second Hand Household Furniture
  • Yatta General Stores: Dealers in General Hardware
  • Luxxir Home & Decor
  • K-Mall

Which Communication Network companies are present in Umoja?

  • Brent Communications Limited
  • Jetsy World
  • Eastnet Solutions
  • Jodei Electricals
  • Safaricom Customer Care Centre Kayole Triple X Communications Limited
  • Detrix Communication Limited

Which Wi-Fi businesses are available in Umoja?

  • Datacom Fibre Networks
  • Net_Hood Intelligence
  • Bluezone Networks
  • Hormud Plaza
  • Motech Fiber
  • Loudmax Enterprises
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