About Kitisuru

by | Jul 13, 2022

Where is Kitisuru Located?

Kitisuru is a neighbourhood in Nairobi County, located 9.5 kilometers from the Nairobi City Central Business District.

It is found towards the northwest of the capital. It is a residential suburb with several neighbourhoods.

In which ward, constituency, and county is Kitisuru?

Kitisuru neighbourhood falls within Kitisuru Ward.

The ward is one of five electoral wards in Westlands Constituency which forms part of Nairobi County.

How big is Kitisuru and what is the population?

Kitisuru Ward covers 21.3 square kilometers.

It has an adult population of 64,207 residents as per the 2019 Kenyan population census.

What is the Postal Code for Kitisuru?

The Postal Code for Kitisuru is 00800

What climate does the Kitisuru region experience?

Kitisuru sits at an elevation 1760 metres, giving it a cool climate.

Rainfall is experienced heavily in April as well as November.

Where is Kitisuru located in Nairobi?

Kitisuru Ward comprises of Kyuna and Loresho.

These neighbourhoods are north of Westlands and can be accessed via Waiyaki Way or Lower Kabete Road from the city centre.

What matatu route should you take to Kitisuru from Nairobi and what is the cost?

To get to Kitisuru from the Nairobi City Centre, you can board matatus that ply the 119 route. One boards the matatu at the Khoja matatu stage and average costs for the ride range between Kshs 50 and Kshs 100.

The final stage in the route is Kimetrica in Kitisuru.

What types of houses can be found in Kitisuru?

Kitisuru has many mansions, double storey homes, as well as villas.

Most of these houses sit inside large compounds with green landscapes and trees.

There are few apartments in the area as well.

Are houses available for sale or rent?

In Kitisuru, the houses are available for rent, and and for sale.

Many of the rental homes fall under long-term leases for families or people looking to stay in the area for a considerable amount of time.

The same homes my also provide residents with an option to purchase. Kitisuru has many homes for sale as well.

What Sizes are the Houses in Kitisuru?

The houses in Kitisuru are large and sit on spacious compounds with extensive lawns and grass cover.

The homes tend to contain multiple bedrooms as well as a range of amenities hence why they are priced at a more expensive price than other homes in Nairobi.

How is the security situation in Kitisuru?

Kitisuru is one of the safest neighbourhoods on Nairobi.

Most homes are gated and fenced and can also have security staff on site.

The area is served by a couple of police stations, including Spring Valley Police Station and Kabete Police Station.

Where do Kitisuru residents get water?

Water in Kitisuru comes from Ruiru Dam, Kikuyu Springs, Sasumua Dam, and Ndakaini Dam.

How is the consistency of water supply in Kitisuru?

Interruption in the water supply should be expected in Kitisuru whenever there is a shortage in the city or damage to the piping systems.

What water companies are in Kitisuru?

The Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company manages water services in Kitisuru.

Who is Kitisuru’s main supplier of electricity?

Electricity in Kitisuru is supplied by Kenya Power, which oversees electricity distribution in the country.

How consistent are blackouts in Kitisuru?

Blackouts are not frequently experienced in Kitisuru, primarily thanks to controlled and organized development.

What types of schools are closely accessible to residents in Kitisuru?

Kindergarten Schools in Kitisuru

  • Potterhouse School and Kindergarten
  • International Christian Kindergarten
  • Tawi Kindergarten
  • Gigiri Montessori House
  • Cottingshire-International Daycare and Kindergarten
  • Creche International
  • Montessori Plus Center
  • Jalyn Kindergarten & Daycare
  • Durham International Nursery and Pre-prep School – Nairobi Kenya
  • Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten

Primary Schools in Kitisuru

  • Kirawa Road School
  • White Cottage Primary School
  • Cheleta Primary School
  • Potterhouse School & Kindergarten
  • Loresho Primary School
  • Farasi Lane Primary School
  • Lower Kabete Primary School
  • Lower Kihara Primary School
  • St. Martins Primary School
  • Peponi House Preparatory School

Which hospitals are Located in Kitisuru?

Private hospitals in Kitisuru

  • The Mater Hospital (Westlands)
  • White Oak Medical Centre Limited
  • AAR Hospital, Nairobi
  • Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital-Muthaiga
  • Nairobi Hospital Warwick (Gigiri)- Outpatient Center
  • M.P. Shah Hospital, Village Medical Centre
  • Avenue Healthcare
  • Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital

Public Hospitals In Kitisuru

  • Westlands Health Centre
  • Kihara Level 4 Hospital

Missionary Hospitals in Kitisuru

  • AIC Kijabe Hospital Nairobi Medical Centre
  • Consolata Shrine Dispensary (Deep Sea Nairobi)
  • Maria Immaculata Hospital
  • St Mary’s Mission Hospital
  • International Organization For Migration (IOM) – Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC)

Which Gyms are available in Kitisuru?

  • CrossFit Kwetu
  • UN Recreational Centre
  • Burn Body
  • VMX Fitness
  • Physiq & Tone Gyms
  • Fit 4 Life Gym And Fitness Center
  • Wentworth Gym
  • MOM3NTUM Fitness
  • Hot Yoga Nairobi
  • Fitness Wheel Gym And Aerobics

Which Spas are available in Kitisuru?

  • Sasyl Barber Spa and Salon
  • Serenity Spa Kitisuru
  • Serenity Spa Gigiri
  • Spa Royal
  • Kaya Spa
  • Bustani Day Spa
  • Leos Salon
  • Ameerah Ladies Spa and Salon
  • Avane Wellness Spa
  • The Gigiri Lounge Spa

What Chemists and Pharmacies are Located in Kitisuru?

  • Garnet Pharmacy
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Rosslyn
  • Nilson Pharmacy Warwick Center Gigiri
  • Chemist Caterwell Pharmacy
  • Pharmaplus Pharmacy Shell Limuru Road Opposite Village Market
  • Pharmaplus Pharmacy Ciata Mall Ridgeways
  • Portal Pharmacy, Two Rivers
  • Highridge Pharmacy Limited- Amani Plaza
  • Neem Pharmacy Gigiri
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Westgate
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Ridgeways
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Village Market

What Garages operate in Kitisuru?

  • James’ Garage
  • S.S Motor Garage
  • Ridgeways Auto Tech & Diagnosis Limited
  • Lit Service Station (JVSC Ltd.)
  • Align My Car (Car Repair Services, Auto Garage & Auto Body in Nairobi)
  • Rosslyn Gates Centre – Auto Garage
  • Four Wheeler Auto Center
  • Astro Garage
  • A1 Auto Service Limited – Express Service Center
  • Sam Otto Garage

Which Car wash joints operate in Kitisuru?

  • Kuela Car Wash and Detailing Center Nairobi
  • 4N CarWash
  • Extreme Clean – Two Rivers
  • Yardie Car Wash
  • The Auto Clinic – Runda Car Care Centre Limited
  • Ciata City Car Wash
  • Vaporklin AutoSpa
  • Ocean Stretch Car Wash
  • Premium Car Wash
  • SpaClean Motorspa

Where can you shop for food items in Kitisuru?

  • Brown’s Food Co
  • Chandarana Foodplus Supermarket (Rosslyn Branch)
  • Metromart Supermarket
  • Buon Italia Limited
  • On The Way Supermarket UN Avenue
  • Zucchini GreenGrocers – Village Market
  • Carrefour Village Market
  • Village Supermarket
  • Kitisuru View Retailers
  • Sweet Street Confectionery Shop

Household Items Shopping Centers in Kitisuru

  • Spinners Web Kenya Limited
  • The Village Market
  • Two Rivers
  • Rosslyn Riviera Mall
  • City Mall
  • Ciata City Mall
  • Westgate Shopping Mall
  • Gigiri Box Park
  • Kitisuru Place
  • Gigiri Square Mall

Which Communication Network providers are accessible in Kitisuru?

  • Broadband Communication Networks
  • Essar Telecom Kenya Limited
  • Glocal Communications Limited
  • Voacom Network Limited
  • Elige Communications Limited
  • Jumbo Telecommunications Limited
  • Linknet Business Systems Limited
  • Tele Yetu Agent-Kitisuru
  • Aster Global Services Kenya Limited
  • Telebus Communications Limited

Which Internet and office network providers are available in Kitisuru?

  • Unwired Communications Limited
  • Indigo Telecom Limited
  • MyISP Limited
  • Hirani Telecommunication
  • Mabawa Networks
  • Mymanga Networks
  • Seacom Kenya Limited
  • Unireach Technology Limited
  • Internet Solutions Kenya Limited
  • Kasnet Internet Services Limited