Reasons to Buy a House in Syokimau

by | Jun 15, 2022

Syokimau is among the fastest-growing residential neighborhood and a popular suburb of the Nairobi metro towns. It is among the areas that have seen tremendous development following the decongesting the city campaign. As a result, real estate companies and developers ventured into the area and developed suburb gated community houses for sale in Syokimau. As most people continue to look for affordable dwelling areas outside Nairobi city, Syokimau remains the most favored, hence the fast growth. Here are the reasons you should buy a house in Syokimau.

Syokimau is Accessible

Syokimau sits along the Nairobi – Mombasa highway with numerous public means of transport. It is also served by the Katani road and other weather roads that ease movements within the area. The Syokimau is also close to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, ideal for people who fly more often.

The Syokimau neighborhoods are also served by the standard gauge railways that run from Syokimau to the Nairobi city center. This has become the most affordable alternative means of transport for travelers that wish to escape the unpredictable Mombasa road traffic jam. The railway station also provides parking spaces for SGR passengers.

Syokimau Has Affordable houses for sale

The tarmacking of the Katani road and the development of Mombasa road have led to a significant increase in the Syokimau property. However, the prices of the houses are still affordable to the middle and high-income earners looking for high-end residential areas.

Many reputable real estate companies also offer convenient payment plans for homebuyers. Suppose you plan to take a mortgage, the real estate companies can also help you find a suitable lender with a reasonable amount and duration.

Syokimau has a Wide Range of Social Amenities

Syokimau is home to many famous schools, making it ideal for young families with school-going kids. Some of the schools located in Syokimau include:

  • The Zuwena international school
  • Ice international Montessori school 
  • The Daniel School
  • Notre Dame primary school, etc.

Syokimau also hosts significant shopping malls like the Signature mall and Gateway mall. There is also the establishment of major hospitals such as the Syokimau health center, Katani hospital, and Baspen Syokimau Cottage hospital, within this area. Popular restaurants and hangout joints are also available here, making it an ideal place to call home.

Syokimau has High Levels of Security

The Syokimau neighborhoods are founded on gated communities, the most preferred for improved security measures. The “Nyumba Kumi initiative” has also been effectively established, which has helped promote community setting and enhanced security levels.

In addition, Syokimau gated communities are all under 24-hour security guards supported by CCTV, electric fences, perimeter walls, and regular police patrol. As a result, it is among the safest neighborhoods to buy a family house in Nairobi.

Syokimau has a variety of houses

Syokimau has several types of magnificent houses for sale. With help from property developers, the real estate companies have filled the real estate market with various houses for homebuyers to choose from. For example, you can buy a stand-alone house, townhouse, maisonette, bungalow, apartment or a luxury villa.

Different houses come with different prices; all you need to do is plan your budget and choose the most appropriate home. The good news is that all the houses have modern features, e.g., modern kitchens and spacious rooms. Other houses like luxury villas have added features like swimming pools, entertainment rooms, yards, etc.

Syokimau has an adequate water supply

Syokimau has adequate supply of fresh water from the Mavoko water and sewerage company. There is also establishment of clean water companies that provide drinking water in the neighborhoods.

Also, every residential development in Syokimau has a borehole that ensures an uninterrupted water supply. As a result, the Syokimau neighborhoods have the most effective drainage systems, hence cleanest. The residents call it the next millionaires’ playground, which gradually attracts people looking for serenity, and class.

Affordable Cost of Living

The gradual increase in population in Syokimau is evident that the people find it convenient. With the affordable SGR transport charges, most people prefer leaving their vehicles at the railway station and commuting by train. Also, many roadside vendors and small businesses ensure residents have access to groceries and other essential items at affordable prices.

The availability of boreholes water also helps lower water bills in households. Most people grow kitchen gardens for the house with backyards and keep poultry for their family consumption. Additionally, most homes have solar panels installation, that offer an alternative power source, reducing electricity bills.


We cannot exhaust the advantagesyou have when you buy a dream house in Syokimau in this article. Touring the area and seeing the suburban neighborhood that everyone is talking about would be best. It will surprise you to find a unique yet affordable house you can buy in Syokimau area.

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