Types of Residential Houses Sold in Syokimau

by | Jun 14, 2022

Did you know other factors besides price, location, or resale value influence people’s choices when looking for residential houses for sale? That’s correct; most home buyers shopping for houses for sale consider the house’s first impression. Others think about the perceived value of the house, etc.

Residential houses for sale in Syokimau are developed by experts who fully know customers’ diversified preferences. Whether you are looking for social proof, a home that tells a story, or a home that gives you a different lifestyle, then, Syokimau is the place to be. This suburb neighborhood offers you a distinctive social class and an exclusive lifestyle.

Here are the types of residential houses sold in Syokimau;


A bungalow is a house either built as a single storey or a one and half-storey building. They usually have a low-pitched roof, compact footprint, open floor plan, front porch, and craftsman architectural style. They are popular among city dwellers who value privacy and class.

Neighborhoods with bungalows for sale in Syokimau include the Green park estate, Viraj area, and gated communities along Katani road. A 4- bedroom bungalow house costs around Ksh. 19.28 million with a lower price for smaller bungalows.


An apartment is a housing unit inside a building where the residents share common areas such as a parking lot, kids’ playground, gym, tennis court, etc. The advantage of buying an apartment is that it is relatively affordable, has a low maintenance cost, has essential amenities, and encourages community bonding.

Syokimau has plenty of apartments for sale; for example, hundreds of apartments are along the Katani road, behind the Gateway Mall, and along Mombasa road. You are likely to part with around ksh. 4.5 million — ksh. 6.0 million for a 2-bedroom apartment in Syokimau.


A townhouse is a multi-storey single-family house that shares a wall or two with the neighboring houses. Although they appear close to each other, the walls separating the house give them a sense of privacy compared to apartments. Additionally, buying a townhouse is less costly compared to the price of a detached house, and they have low maintenance needs.

Several gated communities with townhouses for sale in Syokimau include Eden garden estate, lifestyle gardens, Athi view estate, sky view estate, etc. A 5- bedroom townhouse in the Syokimau area costs about ksh. 14.5 million to ksh 17 million.

Luxury Villas

A villa is a one-level house, often with an exterior patio and front garden. Also, they may be detached or share a common wall with the adjacent estate. The advantages of buying a villa are that they are highly secure, offer excellent privacy, echo the modern lifestyle, and have high resale value.

Syokimau has the most luxurious villas among the Nairobi metro towns with excellent features and amenities. Estates with villas for sale include; Syotani villas, Kisini close villas, Katani villas, etc. A luxury villa house in Syokimau costs about ksh—17 million or more.


A maisonette is a two-storey building that has a separate entrance. It is perfect for large families because they have large interiors and multiple bedrooms. They offer more space, privacy, and security. In addition, modern maisonettes come with added features, e.g., huge master bedrooms, gyms, swimming pools, and modern finishes.

You can buy a maisonette in a gated community or consider a stand-alone unit in Syokimau. The advantage of purchasing a maisonette in Syokimau is that it has connections to water, electricity, Wi-Fi, etc. A stand-alone maisonette costs between ksh. 20.0 million to ksh. 37 million.

Contemporary Houses

A contemporary house is built without following a specific architectural style; it reflects unique architectural styles and designs. Most modern homes currently have strong geometric shapes, extensive use of natural light, open floor plans, large windows, and extensive use of glass.

Syokimau has the most magnificent contemporary houses for sale, with some taking the shape of maisonettes. Mavoko park estate offers fantastic 4- contemporary bedroom maisonettes with modern features. Most homes also have boreholes, solar panels, and other essential components.

Single Family House

A single-family house is a single dwelling unit with its perimeter wall, entrance, and utilities owned by a single owner. A single-family home also offers more privacy, room for development, low maintenance cost, etc. Most modern single-family houses have electric fences and boreholes, among other features. However, homeowners may choose to hire security guards and install CCTV cameras.

Syokimau has many single-family houses located in a serene, secure neighborhood. It will cost around 23.5 million Kenya shillings to own a single-family home in Syokimau.


Syokimau offers the most modern types of residential houses sold with unique designs and features. If you are looking for class, serenity, privacy, and advanced social amenities, Syokimau is the ideal neighborhood for you. Its communities offer everything a homebuyer can look for in a house.

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