Petrol Stations in Ruaka

by | Jun 28, 2022

Petrol stations are a key part of modern life, especially life in the city and its environs. Areas with large or growing populations like Ruaka are expected to see a growth in amenities like petrol stations.

That can be attributed to the fact that more residents in an area translates to more cars. The result is a need for places to fuel, obtain spare parts, or have a car tire fixed and so on.

Petrol stations play these and many other roles. At a good station, clients can have their oil changed, the engine checked, and even a short car wash before starting their journey again. Ruaka is a rapidly growing town and the number of petrol stations in the area has increased. There are multiple well rated ones, and here are the ones with great reviews from previous clients.

1. Shell Ruaka Petrol Station

At Shell Ruaka Petrol Station, clients can enjoy frequent discounts on their fuel costs by taking advantage of sales. They can also get repairs like having punctures fixed. Service at the station is quick and efficient.

Location: Ruaka

Google Rating: 4.4 stars, (16 reviews)

2. Total Energies Rosslyn Service Station

This fuel station is conveniently accessible, located along Limuru Road as you enter Ruaka Town. Aside from fuel and car services, the station also has eating joints that serve fast food.

Location: Limuru Road, Ruaka

Working Hours: Open 24 hours

Contacts: 0721 206333

Google Rating: 4.3 stars, (707 reviews)

3. Shell Petrol Station

If you are headed towards Ruaka from Nairobi or places like Gigiri or Village Market, you can try this Shell Station. There is a Subway eatery where you can also grab some food on the go.

Location: Limuru Road, Opposite Village Market, Nairobi

Working Hours: Open 24 hours

Contacts: 0720 766099

Google Rating: 4.3 stars, (433 reviews)

4. Total Ruaka Service Station

Total Ruaka Service Station has a fuel centre that accommodates all kinds of vehicles. It is spacious and also has a car wash bay where clients can have their vehicles washed. Additionally, they have a service bay where cars can be checked and repaired in case of mechanical damage.

Location: Gacharage Junction – Gachiraini Stage, Ruaka

Working Hours: Open now

Contacts: 0718 890228

Google Rating: 4.2 stars, (186 reviews)

5. Total Petrol Station

This Total Energies branch is accessibly located at the Village Market. It is built to serve a large number of clients since the area gets pretty busy. Customers can expect fast services of various kinds, from maintenance to oil changes.

Location: Village Market Stage, Limuru Road, Nairobi

Working Hours: Open 24 hours

Google Rating: 4.2 stars, (55 reviews)

6. Blue Sky Petrol Station

Blue Sky Petrol Station is one of the busiest petrol stations in Ruaka and the surrounding areas. It has cafés and a mini mart that sells all essential groceries. The station itself is very clean and accessible.

Location: Kigwaru Gardens Drive, Nairobi

Working Hours: Open 24 hours

Contacts: 0759 898732

Google Rating: 4.1 stars, 473 reviews

7. Delta Service Station – Ruaka Town

When you want to grab a meal while your car is getting serviced, try the Pizza Inn or Chicken Inn at Delta Service Station. You can also try them for an overnight parking spot.

Location: Limuru Road, Ruaka

Working Hours: Open 24 hours

Contacts: 0709 497000

Google Rating: 4.0 stars, (209 reviews)

8. United Nations Petrol Station

If you are leaving Ruaka and your vehicle is low on fuel, consider stopping at the United Nations Petrol Station in Gigiri. While the station is comparatively smaller, the service is fast and thorough.

Location: Gigiri, Nairobi City

Working Hours: 7am to 6pm daily, open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays

Google Rating: 4.0 stars, (55 reviews)

9. Petrocam Petrol Station

Petrocam Petrol Station is a local and accessible station inside Ruaka. It is known for its affordable fuel as well as the availability of general services like air pressure for car tyres.

Location: Gacharage Junction, Ruaka

Working Hours: 5am to 10pm daily

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (2 reviews)

10. Shell Petrol Station

The Shell Petrol Station in Ruaka is a new branch that has been built to handle the increasing car traffic in Ruaka. It has a car wash, and also sells cooking gas to local residents.

Location: Ruaka

Working Hours: Open 24 hours

Google Rating: 5.0 stars, (2 reviews)


For customer convenience, many of these stations are open for twenty-four hours every day. Such areas are great for clients who get home late, as well as those who are travelling overnight. They often have other convenience stores at the station, like pharmacies for medical supplies. They also tend to have shops selling snacks and hot coffee. Such stores are ideal in case you need to warm up or boost your energy during the trip.

Pay attention to sales, gift vouchers, and loyalty cards when you are looking for a place to fuel. You can take advantage of these discounts and save some money whenever you fuel your vehicle.