Garages in Ruaka

by | Jun 22, 2022

Thanks to the growing population of residents, Ruaka has also seen an increase in the number of businesses operating in the area. Many of the people who live in Ruaka own cars and use them for their families or to commute to work. They require regular servicing and maintenance for these vehicles, as well as somewhere to buy spare parts. There are a number of auto parts stores, car garages, and service stations within Ruaka Town itself, and in nearby areas like Rosslyn and Ridgeways that are easily accessible from Ruaka. Some specialize in importing and selling spare parts for vehicles, while others offer regular car checks and maintenance. Read on to find one of the garages in Ruaka that will suit you best.

1. Pimp My Ride Automotives

With car repairs and checks, one needs a dependable garage they can visit whenever there is a problem. Pimp My Ride Automotives is known for its reliability as well as their efficient services. This garage is great for anyone in need of a good paint job or some mechanical repairs on the vehicle.

Location: Gacharage Junction, Limuru Rd, Ruaka

Hours of operation: 8am to 5pm daily and closed on Sundays

Contacts: 0735 093004

Google Rating: 5.0 stars, 33 reviews

2. Rosslyn Gates Centre – Auto Garage

Rosslyn Gates Centre is an auto garage as well as a tyre centre and a hardware shop. It is the place where you can find everything you need under one roof. This garage is perfect for those with cars whose parts typically need to be imported, because the mechanics are great at acquiring spares from other countries.

Location: Limuru Road 32824, Nairobi

Hours of operation: 8am to 5:30 pm daily. Closes at 2pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays

Contacts: 0708 726225

Google Rating: 5.0 stars, 3 reviews

3. Kibatech Motor Clinic

Kibatech Motor Clinic in Ruaka is located in an accessible location for all clients, making it an ideal garage to visit when a car needs emergency repairs or after unexpected damage. The garage employs qualified members of staff who are good at a variety of mechanical repairs. Their services are also offered at affordable rates, making it ideal for anyone looking to save on car maintenance costs.

Location: Ruaka

Hours of operation: 8am to 6pm daily and closed on Sundays

Contacts: 0718 158384

Google Rating: 5.0 stars, 3 reviews

4. Highride Auto Tyres

Highride Auto Tyres is a great garage which offers car repairs and also stocks different car parts, accessories, and products. For instance, they have different engine oils from a range of brands, and physical parts like rims. They also have a towing truck in case you need a car moved.

Location: Limuru Road, Ruaka

Hours of operation: 7:30 am to 7pm daily

Contacts: 0724 215927

Google Rating: 5.0 stars, 1 review

5. Super Car Garage

Super Car Garage is a full service car repair shop near Two Rivers Mall Which neighbours Ruaka. Clients can have their vehicles checked and receive a price quote before repairs begin. The rates are also fair and affordable which makes this garage a good fit for many residents. The communication from the garage to clients is timely and clear, giving clients a good customer experience.

Location: Off Northern Bypass Next to Two Rivers Mall

Hours of operation: 8:30am to 5pm daily. Closes at 12:30 pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays

Contacts: 0723 081601

Google Rating: 4.9 stars, 8 reviews

6. Lit Service Station (JVSC Limited)

Lit Service Station along Limuru Road is located right off the road and is therefore very easy to access for anyone driving towards Ruaka or from Ruaka. They sell high quality car parts and clients should be on the lookout for sales where they can get vouchers or free car parts with their purchases.

Location: Limuru Road, Nairobi

Hours of operation: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays. 8am to 1pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays

Contacts: 0772 775650

Google Rating: 4.6 stars, 36 reviews

7. Ruaka Car Clinic

The Ruaka Car Clinic is another garage one can visit in the area. They offer a range of car care services, from washing to mechanical repairs as well as regular car servicing for your vehicle. The garage is very affordable and all services are provided at pocket-friendly rates.

Location: Northern Bypass Rd, Ruaka

Hours of operation: 7am to 7pm daily

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, 6 reviews

8. SS Motor Garage

SS Motor Garage specializes in repairing and servicing German and European car models. Their work includes panel beating, computer diagnosis, spray painting, as well as mechanical repairs. Their rates are readily available on their Google pages and you can check the price for the service you want before planning your visit.

Location: Next To Walkabout, Between Walkabout And Mall, Kiambu Road, Nairobi

Hours of operation: 8am to 5:30 pm daily and closed on Sundays

Contacts: 0738 336789

Google Rating: 4.2 stars, 28 reviews

9. Kigori Auto Tyres

Kigori Auto Tyres has everything you need in terms of car tyres, and they cover a range of vehicles. Their rims and tyres are well-stocked and come at great prices, as well as good quality. The store has good customer service and the staff members work efficiently which is great if you’re in a hurry or you need some help choosing what to buy.

Location: Limuru Road, Ruaka

Hours of operation: 6am to 9pm daily

Contacts: 0710 844960

Google Rating: 4.0 stars, 5 reviews

10. Ridgeways Auto Tech & Diagnosis Limited

Ridgeways Auto Tech & Diagnosis Limited offers a number of car services, including accident repairs, panel beating, and accident repairs.

Location: Rivers Motors, Northern Bypass Rd, Next to Two Rivers Mall.

Hours of operation: 8am to 5pm daily and closed on Sundays

Contacts: 0790 543045

Google Rating: 3.8 stars, 27 reviews


Many of the garages listed for Ruaka have friendly business hours and clients with busy schedules can come in over lunch or in the evening. Several of these garages stay open on weekends and are great for Ruaka residents that prefer to come in at the end of the week. In case you have a vehicle whose car parts are hard to find, look for an auto parts store or a garage that specializes in fixing unique vehicles including the specific brand that you own.