Hospitals in Parklands

by | Jun 29, 2022

Have you ever thought of a life with nowhere to go when you are sick, no one to nurse your ailing relative or no health system at all? That’s how the world would be without the hospitals, full of confusion, desperation, pain, and endless crisis. Hospitals matter to people and make a central part of their lives.

Hospitals complement the effectiveness of the health system by being a vital instrument for care coordination and integration. They provide services for acute and complex health conditions, a setting for doctors’ training, and function as a critical base for clinical research.

Unlike in the old days when hospitals were as scarce as money, every residential area has a hospital today including Parklands. Check out the hospitals available in Parklands.

1. Diabetes Clinic – Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi

The Aga Khan Hospital is a top-ranked health care center in Kenya and beyond, specializing in a wide range of services. The Diabetes Clinic is one of its special clinics that offer specialized and personalized treatment to diabetic patients, both inpatient and outpatients.

Here, the clinic focuses primarily on diabetes, educating patients on diabetes management and supporting their families. They also have a 24-hour patient hotline to help answer patient questions and concerns.

Location:  3rd Parklands Avenue, at the Aga Khan University Hospital.

Working hours: 8 am – 5 pm (Monday – Friday)

Contacts: 0730 011888

Google Rating: 5.0 stars, (2 reviews)

2. Mediheal Hospitals (Parklands) Nairobi

The Mediheal group of hospitals is the largest healthcare provider in East Africa, providing world-class healthcare services at affordable prices. The hospitals are also driven by dedicated teams of medical experts committed to providing patients with personalized and exemplary health care services.

Mediheal hospitals are the leading health facilities that use modern technology and advanced evidence-based medicine. As a result, it has gained popularity beyond borders for being successful with kidney transplants and other complex treatments. 

Location: Mediplaza 3rd Park Avenue Parklands,

Working hours: 24 hours

Contacts: 0722 218416

Google Rating: 3.3 stars, (100 reviews)

3. Avenue Hospital Nairobi

The avenue Hospital, which started as a nursing home, has grown to own hospitals and health care clinics. It is one of the best hospitals with both quality healthcare services and affordable charges. It also has the most equipped lab and dental unit. The Avenue hospital services include:

  • Outpatient
  • Inpatient
  • Specialized services
  • Radiology services
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Laboratory services, etc

Location: First Parklands Avenue

Working hours: 24 hours

Contacts: 0711 060000

Google Rating: 2.8 stars, (258 reviews)

4. Parklands Kidney Center

The Parklands kidney center is a state-of-the-art outpatient medical center specializing in kidney diseases, hypertension, and diabetes management. It also functions as a modern dialysis center. Besides having a competent team of medical experts, the Parklands kidney center also gets specialists from other major hospitals such as Aga Khan University Hospital and MP Shah Hospital.

The Parkland kidney center is in a serene environment with ample parking space, a bank A.T.M., and a cafeteria. It also has a friendly subordinate team of staff that helps patients around the facility.

Location: 3rd Parklands Ave, (Mediplaza), Nairobi City

Working hours: 8 am – 5 pm

Contacts: 0723 889612

Google Rating: 4.7 stars, (14 reviews)

5. Columbia Africa Healthcare Limited- Parklands Clinic

Colombia Africa is an international healthcare group that provides world-class healthcare services to Africans. It is one of the best hospitals in Kenya, offering evidence-based medication efficiently and effectively. In addition, the hospital has the best general doctors, specialists, dentists, etc.

However, booking an appointment ahead of time would be best to avoid queuing. The hospital is quite popular and is expected to have many patients.

Location: Park Place, G-02, Ground Floor, Second Parklands Avenue, Limuru Road,

Working hours: 7 am – 5 pm

Contacts: 0707 333666

Google Rating: 4.3 stars, (43 reviews)

6. Mater Hospital (Westlands)

The Mater hospital (Westlands) is a level 4 primary healthcare facility regulated by Kenya MPDB in the Parklands ward. It is also one of the best hospitals in Nairobi that offers excellent healthcare services with compassion, respect, and integrity. It also hires the best doctors and specialists from Kenya and beyond.

The Mater hospital is divided into departments that offer different services to function effectively. For example, they have well person clinic for general checkups, antenatal services for mother and child clinics, a laboratory, a pharmacy, etc.

Location: Parklands/Highridge, Westlands, Kenrail Towers, Nairobi

Working hours: 24 hours

Contacts: 0722 828629

Google Rating: 3.8 stars, (12 reviews)

7. MP Shah Hospital

The MP Shah hospital is a top-ranked private hospital and home to highly skilled and experienced doctors and specialists. Additionally, the hospital has been in operation for over eight decades, with one primary mission of providing affordable quality healthcare services to the community. 

Its services include:

  • Obstetrics and gynecology services
  • Humanitarian logistics
  • E.N.T
  • Maternal health
  • Reproductive health
  • Dermatology, etc

Location: Shivaji Road, Nairobi

Working hours: 24 hours

Contacts: 020 4291000

Google Rating: 3.3 stars, (260 reviews)

8. B.S.R. Hospital Nairobi

The B.S.R. (brain, spine, and rehabilitation) hospital is the leading provider of acute and specialized neurosurgery care and rehabilitation services. It employs a competent team of professionals who treat patients courteously, with respect, compassion, and dignity. Although the doctors are highly experienced, they believe research and learning are the keys to finding healthcare solutions.

The hospital is also located along the Thika super highway, making it accessible via public transport. In addition, the facility has a private ambulance to help patients in cases of emergency.

Location: Wambugu Road, off Limuru Road, Nairobi

Working hours: 24 hours

Contacts: 0770 277277

Google Rating: 4.7 stars, (11 reviews)

9. The Meditest Hospital

The Meditest hospital is a private healthcare facility that offers comprehensive healthcare services at affordable charges. It also offers a unique team-based treatment approach that enables them to provide the finest possible care to its patients.

The Meditest medical services include pregnancy and postpartum care, urology, Daycare Theater, etc. Additionally, the hospital charges are fair for all the services, and the doctors are always available.   

Location: Sclater’s House, Ground & 1st, Parklands Rd, Nairobi

Working hours: 24 hours

Contacts: 0730 795000

Google Rating: 3.9 stars, (80 reviews)


Hospitals amplify other parts of the healthcare system by providing continuous healthcare services for people with chronic diseases. Without them, the world would be recording illogical untimely deaths.