Fun Places to Visit in Parklands

by | Jul 9, 2022

Did you know that having fun is an act of self-care? That’s right! Visiting fun places, whether near or far, has plenty of benefits. First, it promotes your mental wellness and enhances your creativity. Secondly, it introduces you to a new environment, people and culture.

In addition, getting a break from your busy schedule is paramount for your general well-being. It allows thinking about other things besides work. Although you can still have fun alone, going out with family or friends is more joyous because it helps improve bonding and relationships.

Check out some of the fun places you can visit in Parklands.

1. Mayfair Casino & Club

The Mayfair casino and club is a gaming zone with a bar and buffet restaurant. It is the favorite destination for gamblers for offering multiple games, including:

  • American Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Pool
  • Cards
  • Slot, etc

In addition to being the top-rated gambling zone, the Mayfair Casino and club offers complimentary food and drinks to players. However, children and teens are not allowed in casinos. It is strictly for adults.

Location: Parklands, Parklands Rd, Nairobi

Working hours: 12 pm – 4 am

Contacts: 020 3743300

Google Rating: 4.3 stars, (302 reviews)

2. The City Park

The city park is one of the green spaces remaining in Nairobi under the management of the Nairobi County government. It hosts many animal species, including monkeys, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects, making it an attraction site.

Additionally, the City Park is an excellent place to take a nature walk as you discover the diversity of plants, insects, and birds. You can also consider buying seedlings from the nurseries and planting them in your garden.

Location: Nairobi

Working hours: 24 hours

Contacts: 0786 563638

Google Rating: 4.2 stars, (1,568 reviews)

3. Kenya National Museum Society

The Kenya national museum society was primarily founded to train museum guides and raise funds for the works of museums. However, it also holds public events such as the annual art show that attracts local and foreign tourists.

The Kenya national museum society also has children’s programs with year-round activities around art, science, nature and wildlife. Kids can tour the universe through telescopes or take a learning and adventurous guided walk in our forests.

Location: Kipande Road, Nairobi

Working hours: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm

Contacts: 020 3742131

Google Rating: 4.5 stars, (8,314 reviews)

4. The Snake Park

The snake park is a licensed research centre and a significant tourist attraction. It was founded primarily to educate guests on the significance and dangers of snakes. For decades it has been a major tourist destination for foreigners, schools and families.

Besides being home to all types of snakes, the Snake Park also hosts other species like the tortoise, crocodiles, etc. it is open to the public at a reasonable entry fee.

Location: Prof. Wangari Maathai Road, Nairobi

Working hours: 8 am – 5.30 pm

Contacts: 020 8164134

Google Rating: 4.4 stars, (1,045 reviews)

5. Nairobi Nv Lunar Park

The Nairobi Lunar Park is an amusement park that features several fun activities for families and children. It offers rides, a merry-go-round, a bouncing castle, and a trampoline, making it the perfect fun place for weekend and holiday outings. Kids never get enough of the fun here. You can visit the Lunar Park each weekend and never get bored. It is such a lively place for families to bond and have fun.

Location: Lunar Park Starehe, Haile Selassie Ave, Nairobi

Working hours: 8 am – 5 pm

Contacts: 0714 967449

Google Rating: 4.2 stars, (150 reviews)

6. The Maasai Market

The Maasai Market is an open-air marketplace with beautiful handmade jewels, textiles, beaded bowels, and colorful home décor. It was founded to promote fair trade and preserve the rich Kenyan culture.

The Maasai market is the best place to tour when looking for our rich African-designed home décor and jewels. You can also buy customized items such as bracelets, door mats, table mats, etc.

Location: Slip Road, Nairobi

Working hours: 8 am – 5 pm (closed on Mondays)

Contacts: 0787 542465

Google Rating: 4.3 stars, (3,490 reviews)

7. The Nairobi Arboretum

The Nairobi Arboretum is a public reserve and one of the Nairobi green spaces with walkways, jogging trails and picnic lawns. It holds over three hundred and fifty indigenous and exotic trees, making it a safe home for many species of birds and a significant population of monkeys.

The Nairobi Arboretum also functions as a recreational park for Nairobi residents who want to take long walks, hold a picnic or enjoy team-building activities. It makes a perfect destination for a family outing. However, plastic bags are not allowed here to help conserve the environment.

Location: Kilimani Arboretum Road, off State House Road, Nairobi

Working hours: 6 am – 6.30 pm

Contacts: 0728 790518

Google Rating: 4.4 stars, (5,949 reviews)

8. Nairobi Animal Orphanage

The Nairobi animal orphanage is a facility of the Nairobi national park that serves as a refuge for wounded wild animals. Unlike at the Park, where you only view the animals at a distance, the Nairobi animal orphanage gives you an up-close view of the animals.

Some of the wild animals you are likely to see here are:

  • Warthogs,
  • Lions,
  • Cheetah,
  • The rare Sokoke cats,
  • Serval cat
  • Leopards,
  • Hyena
  • Buffalos, etc.,

Location: National Park, Karen, Lang’ata Road, Nairobi

Working hours: 8 am – 5 pm

Contacts: 020 2379407

Google Rating: 4.3 stars, (3,361 reviews)

9. Mountain Club of Kenya

The mountain club of Kenya is a community of hikers and mountain climbers. It is the best fun place for hikers and outdoor fans who like participating in environment conservations. You can join the mountain club of Kenya by filling out the provided online form and then pay your membership fee via the Mpesa paybill number.

Location: Fourth Parklands Ave, Nairobi

Contacts: 0727 093388

Google Rating: 4.3 stars, (7 reviews)


Having fun is essential for your general wellness. The good news is that Parklands is close to many attraction sites and fun places you can visit. It also hosts many tour and adventure businesses that help people plan tours and adventure trips.