Top Real Estate Companies in Nairobi

by | Jun 20, 2022

Real estate development is a major industry in Nairobi. It is a dynamic market that has been growing and changing to keep up with the global real estate market. The city of Nairobi is characterized by skyscrapers with office and commercial spaces, high-rise buildings containing apartments for sale and rent, and also towers that are home to educational institutions, offices, entertainment spaces, and even restaurants. As a result, there have been many real estate companies in Nairobi created to help clients and building owners manage their commercial and residential spaces. Some of them are suited for homes and apartments because they specialize in helping people find a place to live. Others are ideal for businesses or companies looking for office space.

Knight Frank Properties Kenya

An easy way to start searching for houses for sale in Nairobi is by looking at the websites of major real estate companies that operate within Nairobi. Good companies tend to have comprehensive information on their pages which makes the house search very straightforward. Knight Frank Properties Kenya is one such business. They have a large and diverse clientele and their agents are tasked with covering specific neighbourhoods in the city. The houses displayed on their websites come with a list of the amenities. You can expect, the size of the house, any additional facilities, and finally the selling price.

Pam Goulding Properties Kenya

Pam Goulding Properties Kenya is the company to visit if you are looking for realtors who handle property sales, letting, as well as house management. The company provides real estate services for residential property, commercial spaces, and new development fields. They organize house viewings for clients who are interested in looking at properties around the city, among other services. They also handle a lot of modern homes with the latest in building technology.

VAAL Real Estate

VAAL Real Estate deals with luxurious homes, office space, affordable homes, and apartments for sale. They would also be a great company to work with if you are on the market for any of these properties, and also for homeowners looking to sell their houses. By simply looking at their Google page, you will find a number of houses for sale around the city. This should help you determine the kind of home you are looking for and the price point to expect.

Hass Consult

Hass Consult is a business management consultant with their offices located along Waiyaki Way. They are a great partner to work with when you are considering becoming a real estate developer. With their help, you can take your project from start to finish. Also, you can work with the company to put your property on the market. Thanks to their regional experience, working with them is bound to give you a distinct advantage in the market. They are also a great company to rent from for different types of tenants.

Lloyd Masika Limited

Lloyd Masika Limited is a real estate firm that consults on real estate development. The company also manages various properties across Nairobi, and they handle many tenants and buyers. As a property owner, you can work with them to manage your building which reduces a lot of the workload and makes the managing process more efficient. They handle commercial, industrial, and residential properties for a range of clients and across many Nairobi neighbourhoods. They also deal with valuation of properties which is useful in a number of real estate dealings including sale, auctions, and repayment.

Azizi Realtors

Azizi Realtors primarily handles apartments for sale and townhouses for sale. These apartments tend to have about one to four bedrooms on average. They also hold sales on their properties that buyers can take advantage of and save some money. Additionally, they also tackle management issues in real estate that go beyond sale to include property development and property management. They mostly handle high-end property in Nairobi neighbourhoods such as Kileleshwa and Lavington. Therefore, buyers tend to fall within that cost bracket.

Dunhill Consulting Limited

Dunhill Consulting Limited deals in property management, serviced apartments, and also commercial properties for lease or sale. The company also handles a range of properties, from maisonettes to godown warehouses and also fully furnished accommodation for clients who need long-term or short-term leases. Properties for sale and their prices are easily available on their website allowing clients to look at photos and listed amenities before making a choice. You can also filter your house search to include the location and the facilities you want and also your price range.

AMG Realtors

AMG Realtors Limited is a real estate developer based in Nairobi. They focus on making property acquisitions and transactions as smooth as possible by letting professionals handle the experience on behalf of a client. Also they cover property sales for land, with plots varying in size and Located on different parts of the country. They have established business abroad to allow people outside the country to buy or sell property in Kenya without having to be in the country at the time of the transaction.

Cytonn Real Estate

Cytonn Real Estate focuses on developing and financing institutional grade real estate. They focus on developments that encourage community living within great modern spaces. Clients get to participate in their projects by investing and getting a fixed rate of return over a set period, or by buying a completed project. They have ongoing projects in neighborhoods like Karen and Ridgeways.

Diamond Properties

Diamond Properties is yet another real estate company operating within Nairobi and its environs to provide property services. They are more affordable and suited for investors looking for properties priced at a lower rate.


Real estate companies play a very important role in the different processes involved when you want to acquire a space for your business or a home to live in. They employ real estate agents who are trained in sale and rental processes and can inform clients of their rights and obligations within a real estate contract. They stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the real estate market, allowing them to find the best homes and commercial spaces at a moment’s notice. For those looking to sell in Nairobi, agents and real estate companies take care of all the tedious tasks like marketing and house viewing and the seller is able to focus on negotiations and choosing the most ideal offers on their property. From the list of top real estate companies in Nairobi, you can choose the most suitable one for your current needs.

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