10 Popular Entertainment Spots In Syokimau

by | Jan 31, 2022

As a new resident in Syokimau, you probably moved to be closer to your place of work, or schools for your kids. Syokimau also has many amenities including a great transport network, hospitals, hotels, and vacation rentals. For people with busy weekdays, finding something fun to do during weekends offers an opportunity to relax and a break from the monotony of work days. Since Syokimau is also popular for its short-term rentals and convenient stays as you travel into or within the country, many people occupying these homes need a place to have fun before resuming their normal lives. Syokimau and neighboring areas have many entertainment options for people of all ages, no matter your preference.

1. Mountain Dew Safaris

Break out of your comfort zone by choosing to go out of the county for the weekend or that upcoming public holiday. You can book your trip at Mountain Dew Safaris located in Syokimau and visit scenic places like Maasai Mara and Amboseli. Take advantage of their group packages by touring with your whole family.

Location: Jempark Complex Mlolongo

Working hours: Open 24 hours

Services offered: Safari tour company

Contacts: 0720 176830

Google rating: 5.0 stars, (8 reviews)

2. African Heritage House

If you choose to stay in the neighborhood, you can make it a memorable experience by booking your stay at the African Heritage House. This listing is an inn, perfect for a weekend spent outside your home in a scenic and relaxing environment. You get to relax and unwind while your meals and excursions are taken care of by the members of staff.

Location: African Heritage House, Mombasa Road, Athi River

Services Offered: Holiday inn

Contacts: 0721 518389

Google rating: 4.6 stars, (158 reviews)

3. Pure Lounge

Pure Lounge is perfect for evenings after work, as well as weekend afternoons with your friends. It is a great place to enjoy typical Kenyan delicacies like Roasted meat, alongside alcoholic beverages and similar refreshments. For an even better experience, the venue has music and performances by various artistes and DJs.

Location: Katani Road Blue Sky Centre

Working hours: 7am to 12am daily

Services offered: Bar

Google rating: 4.6 stars, (9 reviews)

4. The Tunnel

The Tunnel is arguably the most popular nightclub in Syokimau and the surrounding areas. If you prefer to go out dancing with your friends especially on weekend nights, The Tunnel is the ideal place for you. Make your next birthday celebrations more memorable by calling the venue and booking a space in advance, for you and a group of friends.

Location: Pili Trade Centre, Ground Floor, Opposite Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Working hours: Open 24 hours

Services offered: Nightclub

Contacts: 0758 193425

Google rating: 4.4 stars, (619 reviews)

5. Full Circle Lounge

This venue has an extensive lounge area with comfy chairs and wide tables where you can host a large group of friends. It is great for slow and relaxed evenings with different music genres throughout the week. You can also watch football on one of their screens over drinks with friends.

Location: 5480 Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Services offered: Lounge

Google rating: 4.4 stars, (439 reviews)

6. Chariot Garden

Chariot Garden is most suitable for the weekends you want to spend outside in the sun. It is a popular location for events such as weddings, thanks to its vast grounds and grassy lawn. You should look into Chariot Garden if you need a venue of this kind for celebrations like graduations, or other types of family friendly gatherings.

Location: Katani Road, Nairobi

Working hours: 8:30 am to 6pm daily

Services offered: Garden

Contacts: 0772 116800

Google rating: 4.4 stars, (55 reviews)

7. Lounge 254

Lounge 254 has everything you need in a nightclub. First, it is located inside Gateway Mall, which is a great venue with ample parking space if you choose to come in using your own vehicle. Second, Gateway is a notable landmark and easy to reach even for a person who is relatively new to the area.

Location: Gateway Mall, Syokimau

Opening hours: 11am to 5am from Friday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays. Open from 11am to 11pm from Tuesday to Thursday

Services offered: Nightclub

Google rating: 4.2 stars, (92 reviews)

8. The Hideout Bar

The Hideout Bar offers garden seating under shaded tables where you can have food and drinks. If you prefer open spaces with a wide menu to choose from, this is the place for you.

Location: Muthama Road, Nairobi

Services offered: Bar

Contacts: 0720 578438

Google rating: 4.0 stars, (3 reviews)

9. Kuku Mart Hotel

This hidden gem on Kiungani Road is the perfect place for a weekend with food and good music. They serve popular dishes such as chicken and roast potatoes, alongside the beverage of your choice. You can also come here if you are looking to host a meeting within a more relaxed setting than the office. They also have rooms if you want a venue with accommodation.

Location: Kiungani Road, Nairobi

Services offered: Hotel

Contacts: 0722 75931

Google rating: 3.9 stars, (65 reviews)

10. Chill Spot – Syokimau

Chill Spot is suitable for a younger crowd, thanks to amenities like the swimming pool that tend to be more popular with young people, or families with children. The venue provides different dining options that you can choose from. In addition, they have a bar where you can enjoy drinks and roasted meat in the evenings.

Location: Kiungani Road

Working hours: 8am to 9:30pm daily. 8:30 am to 10pm on Fridays and Sundays.

Services offered: Bar and Grill

Google rating: 3.7 stars, (134 reviews)


This comprehensive list of entertainment places to look at while you stay in Syokimau is perfect for everyone. The venues are very varied and they cater for daytime events as well as nighttime entertainment. Explore the different spots with your family or friends and see what is most suitable for you. Based on the Google reviews, you can get a brief overview of the general experience there, plus what to expect if you pay a visit. For details about pricing, menus, entrance fees, and similar enquiries, you can call the place directly.