Fun Places for Kids Close to Syokimau

by | Jan 19, 2022

Kids often look forward to taking a break from school after a long week of hard work. Most adults experience the same thing, hence all the trips that families love to go on during the weekends. Many facilities such as hotels and amusement parks offer family friendly fun at great prices, alongside restaurants and dining places where kids can enjoy their favorite meal and take a break from eating at home. Fun places to visit on the weekend can help cement your decision to move to Syokimau, especially once you discover all the varied and fun experiences they have to offer. Here are several establishments in Syokimau as well as its environs that you could visit with your kids and have a fun day out.

1. Sessa Youth and Recreational Centre

For young children and kids, the Sessa Youth and Recreational Centre provides a great opportunity to pursue one’s interests in a fun environment. They have a swimming pool for kids to enjoy, as well as a library for those who love reading.

Location: Parngarua Road, Off Senior Chief Mutunkei

Working hours: 8am to 6pm daily

Contacts: 0713 116650

Google rating: 5.0 stars, (5 reviews)

2. Funland Amusement Park

This amusement park is perfect for kids, offering different fun activities like small car rides, swimming, trampolines, as well as swings. The charges are at an affordable Ksh. 500 for access to the amenities all day. They also serve various foods, like nyama choma, chips, and chicken.

Location: Kajiado Kitengela, Athi River

Working hours: 6:30 am to 7pm daily

Contacts: 0717 166500

Google rating: 5.0 stars, (4 reviews)

3. Kitengela Hot Glass Limited

Kitengela Hot Glass Limited features artists who melt, recycle, and blow on hot glass to create different items as well as varying colors for these pieces. This visit would make a fun and artistic outing, with so much for your kids learn.

Location: 5 Glass Lane, Tuala

Working hours: 8am to 4:30 pm daily. Opens at 9am on Sundays

Contacts: 0110 001499

Google rating: 4.5 stars, (870 reviews)

4. GMC Place – Kitengela

GMC Place is one of the largest amusement parks in the area, able to accommodate multiple families especially on busy weekends. They have a large swimming pool where your young ones can practice their skills or simply play alongside other children. They also serve food from a variety of menu options that include drinks.

Location: Athi River

Working hours: 8am to 8pm daily

Contacts: 0701 560560

Google rating: 4.3 stars, (640 reviews)

5. Galaxy Pool

If you are specifically looking for a swimming pool where you can spend your day out, Galaxy Pool is a good option.

Location: Athi River

Working hours: 8am to 6pm daily

Google rating: 4.3 stars, (11 reviews)

6. Funcity Gardens Hotel

This family-friendly hotel has something for everyone, allowing adults to enjoy live band performances while kids enjoy different games and swimming. The venue has a number of fun rides, including a merry-go-round.

Location: Embakasi East, Eastern Bypass,Nairobi

Contacts: 0722 238988

Google rating: 4.2 stars, (2,540 reviews)

7. Rosewall Oasis Swimming Pool

There are people living in urban areas like Syokimau who would prefer to visit places with a lot more space and greenery. Rosewall Oasis is the perfect alternative, offering spacious seating in a green garden area. They offer a variety of meals as well as a large swimming pool.

Location: Athi River

Working hours: 8am to 6pm

Contacts: 0770 866603

Google rating: 4.1 stars, (433 reviews)

8. Grays Oak Hotel

With an outdoor pool and a restaurant where you can buy food, this venue offers guests the chance to enjoy using the hotel facilities whether or not they are staying at the hotel. Their foods and beverages are also affordable and can be enjoyed in the sitting area by the pool.

Location: Namanga Road, Kitengela

Contacts: 0722 331514

Google rating: 3.7 stars, (702 reviews)

9. Maasai Ostrich Resort

This Ostrich Resort is a great alternative to regular activities like eating out and swimming. At the farm, your kids will learn about the different stages of ostrich life under the guidance of experienced tour guides. The venue also has a recreational swimming pool.

Location: Athi River, Kajiado

Contacts: 0726 464546

Google rating: 3.7 stars, (362 reviews)

10. Sandalwood Hotel and Resorts Kitengela

Sandalwood Hotel is largely an accommodation facility, but it accepts guests who want to eat at their restaurant or use the swimming pool. When it comes to food, they have large platters that families can enjoy together, as well as drinks for adults.

Location: Kitengela, Nairobi – Namanga

Contacts: 0728 826600

Google rating: 3.7 stars, (113 reviews)


Your choice for the weekend will be determined by several things, one of them being the location of your desired venue and how accessible it is via different means of transport. You should also be aware of the business hours in advance before visiting a place, as well as any restrictions they might have about entry or age limits. Calling in advance to book or reserve a space when you have a big group of guests is always a smart move. Lastly, make sure they provide all the facilities and supplies you need, such as swimwear, or prepare to carry your own items.