Process of buying a house in Kitengela

by | Jun 15, 2022

buying house in kitengela

There are plenty of benefits of buying a house; for example, with a pre-built house, all you need is to complete paperwork, pay, and move in. Also, Kitengela has seen tremendous growth in property development, giving homebuyers a wide choice. Homebuyers looking for homes for sale in Kitengela have many choices of magnificent houses, e.g., bungalows, luxury villas, maisonettes, apartments, townhouses, and stand-alone family homes. However, it is vital to understand the process of buying a house to avoid landing in the hands of dubious property agents. Here is a guide to buying a house in Kitengela.

Conduct a research

Do thorough research on all homes listed for sale in Kitengela; compare the prices and features of the houses and the neighbourhoods. Conduct a background check on the real estate companies with the listing and check customers’ reviews on their websites. It offers you an insight into what to look for when you start shopping for a home.

Research keeps customers updated on the real estate market, the trending home designs, and prices. It also updates homebuyers on the upcoming neighbourhoods they may wish to live in or invest in.

Identify a suitable neighbourhood

Kitengela has numerous gated communities with homes for sale; some have uniform houses while others are mixed residential developments. Several factors influence people’s choices when choosing dwelling areas, such as amenities and infrastructure.

You can consider several gated communities when looking for a suitable neighbourhood in Kitengela, e.g., the Acacia estate by Rochman properties, Safaricom 1 or 2, Kitengela plains, Milimani estate, Chuna estate, etc.

Identify Registered Real Estate Company in Kitengela

The increased number of cases of people getting conned when trying to purchase property in Kenya is alarming. As a result, customers need to be extra keen when looking for legitimate agents. To have confidence in a real estate company, check their registration certificate.

Different real estate companies in Kitengela sell houses in different neighbourhoods; once you identify the area you wish to live in, identify a real estate company that sells homes in that area. Dealing with the concerned company directly will be less costly than dealing with a broker.

Identify a suitable house

Once you have identified a reputable real estate company in Kitengela, liaise with the agents to find an ideal house that meets your preferences. E.g., the house type, number of bedrooms, kitchen size, backyard, swimming pool, parking space, and the size of the land that house sits on.

However, it is always prudent to keep your budget in mind and consider affordable houses and neighbourhoods.

Make an Offer to Purchase

Once you find an ideal home, make an offer to purchase, paying attention to all factors that determine the value of a home. You have a chance to negotiate for the mentioned price, especially when the house has been sitting on the market for a long time or the neighbourhood has less interest.

At this stage, you will need help from a lawyer to draft the offer of purchase stating all the relevant details, including the names of the buyer and seller, the location and price of the house, the proposed deposit and mode of payment, and request for land survey.

Once the seller receives your offer letter, they can accept it or make a counter by mentioning a higher price. If they counter your offer, you can choose to proceed with the purchase process or look for another house. Suppose you decide to proceed with the purchase process, and move to the next step.

Conduct a House Inspection

Although you might have toured the house once or twice when shopping for a home, getting it inspected before purchase is paramount. At this point, you will need the real estate agent to conduct the house inspection on your behalf. They check for structural damages and report on the general condition of the house.

Suppose the house needs some repairs and fixing; the real estate agent conducting the inspection will make a written order to the seller to complete them before the purchase. If the seller is not in a position to complete the repairs within the speculated time, the repair expenses would be subtracted from the purchase price.

Home Valuation

This process is essential if you plan to take a mortgage; however, it is crucial to identify a suitable mortgage lender. It would be best to compare several lenders and choose one whose amount, and payment terms are convenient to you.

A home valuation is conducted by a third-party company arranged by the lender to give an unbiased evaluation of the value of the home you are purchasing. The lender may also ask for title insurance and other necessary documents.

Complete the Paperwork

Buying properties involves a lot of paperwork that calls for a lawyer’s assistance to guide you through the process. At this stage, the seller should provide you with the title deed of the house you are buying. With the help of your lawyer, conduct a property search at the land registry office of Kajiado to ascertain the legal ownership of the house.

Close the Sale

Supposing everything is ok so far, it is prudent to conduct a second home inspection before closing the sale. Check and ensure the seller completed the requested repairs and that everything is in order. This inspection should take place at least 24 hours before signing the sale agreement.

Your lawyer should assist you in reviewing the contract, ensuring that you understand everything before signing. Once you have signed all the paperwork required to complete a house sale, proceed to make payment as agreed in the sale agreement. The real estate company you are working with will help you through the transaction process.

You are free to move into your new home after successfully closing the sale and receiving the property title deed. If you buy a house from a homeowner, ensure the property is transferred to you.

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