Reasons why you should buy a house in Kitengela

by | Jun 9, 2022

Kitengela is one of the Nairobi metropolitan areas that have seen tremendous growth in property development. Real estate companies and property developers have shown significant commitment to developing suburbs and prestigious neighbourhoods in Kitengela. It has become a rival to the Nairobi suburban neighbourhoods such as Kileleshwa or Lavington.

If you plan to own a home and are yet to find the most suitable area, it would help to know that there are affordable houses for sale in Kitengela. Keep reading for more reasons why you should buy a house in one of the prestigious neighbourhoods of Kitengela.

Variety of Houses

Various reasons influence people’s choices when deciding on the type of house they should live in, such as family size, privacy, health conditions, etc. The good news is that Kitengela has a variety of homes such as bungalows, luxury villas, maisonettes, townhouses, etc.

In addition to many types of houses, most of these houses have modernized features like a modern kitchen, spa-like bathrooms, large master bedrooms, swimming pools, and well-equipped kids’ play areas.

Learning Institutions

Kitengela has plenty of quality learning institutions such as the Kitengela international school, Acacia international school, Kitengela Primary, Kitengela Girls, etc. There are also universities such as the KCA University and other tertiary colleges.

Most schools are located near the residential areas or have transport services to ease kids’ movement to and from school. Others have boarding options like the Kitengela International School.

Social Amenities

Kitengela prides itself on having top-rated health care facilities such as the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi Women Hospital, etc. It is also home to many shopping malls, such as the Kitengela shopping mall, chairman mall, and Kitengela capital centre.

Banks like the Co-operative bank, National bank, KCB bank, Barclays, and many others are fully established in Kitengela town.

Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Kitengela is relatively affordable, from purchasing the house to the regular daily expenditure. The fast growth in residential and commercial developments shows that people find Kitengela economically fit for settlement.

Infrastructure and Transport

Kitengela is accessible via the Nairobi-Mombasa highway and the Nairobi-Namanga highway. It also has a good weather road network that eases movement within the estates. Public buses like the line 110 bus operate from EPZ to the Nairobi city centre. You can also consider tuk-tuks or bodaboda to move from the bus stop to your residential area.

Access to family fun and entertainment

There are plenty of fun places and entertainment centres to visit in Kitengela, for example, the GMC place, Funland, and amusement park. You can also consider visiting Sessa youth and recreational centre, Massai Ostrich resort, Nkasiri Adventure Park, etc. In addition to these fun places, Kitengela is also near the Nairobi national park and hosts the Kitengela Game Conservation area, the best place for weekend outings.

If you like clubbing and eatery joints, Kitengela offers the best bars, clubs, and restaurants, e.g., Club 034 Kitengela, Club360, Club Eden, and Club 411 Kitengela, among others. Most of these clubs offer children’s playgrounds, ideal for family outings.


Kitengela comprises gated communities the most preferred by homebuyers looking for security and privacy. The neighbourhoods have 24 hours security guards aided by CCTV, perimeter walls, and electric fences. They are also characterized by the restricted entrance, ensuring reduced traffic of strangers.

In addition to gated communities, the Kitengela police post also helps in ensuring law and order in the area. As a result, Kitengela has a low crime rate compared to most residential areas of Nairobi.


Every residential development in Kitengela has a borehole and enough water tanks to supply water to the homeowners adequately. As a result, residents never complain of water shortages or poor drainage systems.

Additionally, several freshwater points are available for drinking water, e.g., Rayan water, Heri water-limited, Nile mist clean water, Limuru cool, Airdrop water Kitengela, etc.

Strong Neighborhood Community

Kitengela continues to develop the best residential neighbourhoods to start and raise a family. One of the benefits of gated communities is to bring a sense of community to the residents. Kids play together, study together, and eventually learn to live together in peace and harmony.

The neighbourhoods are also ideal for homebuyers looking for serenity and silence; it offers a perfect dwelling place away from the pollution and hassles of the city. The homes also have enough space for gardening, which gives the neighbourhood an upcountry feeling.


Buying a home is an excellent achievement, but buying it in a serene, friendly, and conducive neighbourhood could be more satisfying. Kitengela continues to be the most preferred by homebuyers looking for affordable yet, magnificent houses away from the city. It is also a perfect destination for people interested in residential housing investment.

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