Types of Movers

by | Oct 28, 2022

A proper approach in the relocation journey or moving of goods is crucial to its success. This starts with identifying the items to transport since different goods have distinct relocation wants. That then calls for the need to identify and understand the kind of mover you need to ensure 100% safe delivery of your goods.

To know more about the different kinds of movers, read this article, and you’ll be able to identify various movers and why they fit your needs.

1. Commercial Movers

Commercial movers are relocation companies that specialize in business moving needs. Commercial relocation companies are much more expensive than other movers due to their complicated process.

The companies have special vehicles and equipment well-suited to carry valuable and sensitive cargo for large warehouses and small offices. Besides this special equipment, the movers avail skilled staff familiar with technology, tools, and packing techniques to guarantee a perfect transition.

The final cost you’ll pay for their services is determined by the total weight of your goods, the need for specialized services, and the complexity of the task.

2. Intrastate Movers

They are commonly known as local/ residential movers. They are relocation companies concentrating on goods transportation within the same estate, usually within a circle of 100 miles. This also means you could hire them to transport your goods within the same apartment, maybe from upstairs to downstairs, and vice versa.

The movers, usually two, charge for their services hourly. However, they must possess a state license, although a USDOT number isn’t necessary to operate.

3. Long Distance Movers

As the name suggests, long-distance movers will help move your goods from one street to another. They are contrary to the local companies, which encircle 100 miles radius. Besides, long-distance movers must possess a USDOT number from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, which isn’t necessary for local movers.

This allows your dependency on the movers since they have proper operating permits and licenses. And thus, the utmost safety and good condition of your goods as they move isn’t much of your concern.

Primarily, the total cost is determined by the total weight of the goods moved.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to check on the following on your typical long-distance mover:

  • The company is open to negotiations
  • Proper licensing
  • Feedback/ reviews from other clients
  • Website info
  • Correct contact address
  • Knowledge of handling sensitive goods

4. International Movers

So you want to move outside your country with your goods, and you’re worried about the possibility! Yes, international movers exist for this reason, and although it involves a more tedious and complicated process than other types of movers, a solution will be provided.

Its complicated nature is attributed to custom obligations and laws that must be adhered to.

The cost you pay for the moving depends on several factors, including:

  • Your preferred mode of transport
  • The actual volume of the shipment
  • The exact distance to the new area

Furthermore, check the following before choosing your ideal international mover:

  • What other people have to say about the mover services
  • Compare quotes of different movers
  • The exact services to be offered
  • The skillset and potential of the to-hire mover

5. Specialty Movers

Unlike other movers, specialty movers specialize in moving special and unique goods for you. This includes items like pets, antiques, pianos, and even art.

In short, moving involves any sensitive item that demands special care and attention when relocating. Most of these goods have a high damage risk if left in the hands of other movers.

Some examples of these movers include:

  • Piano Movers
  • Pet Movers
  • Antique Movers
  • Art Movers

6. Small Load Movers

This is yet another group of movers that has gained enormous popularity recently. Why? Most of the time, you’ll only require to transport not all goods but a few items from one place to another.

Let’s say you bought a sofa and a desktop online, so you need them at your home, or you’re moving to a new home with just a bed to carry.

In such instances where the load to move is small for other movers to handle, hire specialist small load movers to deliver your items.

7. Household Movers

See, you’ve built your taste mansion and are now planning to relocate, but alas, do you leave your mansion! No, it’s not the case; you have household movers to carry your mansion to your new location.

The wise thing you’ll do is to check for a company that accommodates and suits your needs perfectly. Remember, moving your home is not a one size fits all operation; thus, ask the movers to tailor their services to fit your situation.

8. Car Movers

You might need to ship your vehicle to another country or state like other items. This could be a gift you’re sending to your daughter, hence the need to deliver it fast.

Don’t think you’ll have to travel to deliver your gift; car movers got your back! You only have to get different shipping quotes from other companies to get your best-fitting mover.

The common qualities to check for a car mover are:

  • Affordability
  • Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Experience

And if you find one with the above qualities, don’t worry; your gift (car) is in safe hands.

Also, it must be in good condition to transport your vehicle. This involves ensuring no leaks, tires are inflated, the battery is fully charged, and other necessary checks.

Moreover, several factors influence the vehicle moving cost, including:

  • The total distance to transport the vehicle
  • The weight and size of your car
  • The mode of shipping
  • The route to be used
  • The season of the year

Final Thoughts

You’ll need to strategize properly to succeed in your relocation journey or movement of goods. This includes noting that specific items require a different way to move, as shown above. Therefore, if you’re in the process of relocating, have this information as your guide to have an outstanding experience.