How Moving Companies Calculate the Cost of Moving

by | Oct 28, 2022

After locating a home that fits your fancy with the help of Hauzisha, it comes to the other part of the relocating process. One of the most important parts of moving is the cost of moving. Different companies calculate the costs of moving in different ways. However, there are some factors that all moving companies commonly consider.

Although there is a similarity in the basic principles, there is a major difference in long-distance moving versus short-distance moving. Here are some of the factors that affect how moving companies calculate the costs of moving.

1. Distance

The distance of a move is the by far the most considered factor that affects the price of the move. The cost fractionates to the expensive side the further the move is. There are companies that will charge an hourly fee rather than a flat rate.

2. Weight

The overall weight of your belongings greatly impacts the cost of the move whether moving a short distance or long distance. In some instances, the moving companies may opt to divide the household item into two different vehicles due to the weight.

3. Number of Movers

The cost of the move is significantly increased based on the jumper pf personnel that are assisting with the move. The more household items you have the more movers the company will recommend to save time and prevent any damage to the items.

4. Insurance

Companies may provide an issuance cover on household items in case of any damage. Additionally, the insurance may be provided by the moving company or a third-party insurance company.

The insurance covers high-value goods including electronics, antiques, or artwork. It is important to understand what is covered during the move. For short-distance moves, it may be skipped but for long-distance travel, it is a vital aspect not to be ignored.

5. Packing Services and Supplies

Moving companies have the option of packaging your household items themselves. They bring packaging materials and assist in the packaging and loading. The packaging is an optional addition that is meant to provide additional protection and some form of organisation. However, it may be skipped if you have your own packaging materials and opt to package your own items.

6. Duration of the Move

Hourly costs are highly reliant on the duration that the move takes. With proper organisation and packaging, loading and offloading should be a breeze. Longer duration may incur additional charges.

7. How To Get an Accurate Quote

When moving most companies provide an estimated cost of the move. However, it is possible to receive an accurate quote that you may be comfortable paying. Here is how to get an accurate quote.

8. Specify the details of what you need

Do you need boxes? How many? Do you need help dismantling the bed?  It is important to be specific in the details of all the services you require them to do.

9. Inquire about extra charges

Companies may include additional charges for stairs and elevator moves. Make sure they are added in the quotation or even ask for a discount.

10. Inventory of your items

You may send them a detailed list of the items that are being moved. The number, sizes, weights and dimensions of the items are key details to include.

11. Inquire about special services that you might need

There are some activities that you may require help doing like mounting a TV or lifting up the fridge. You have to inquire if the service may incur additional charges.

12. Provide moving dates

The cost of moving may vary from weekends to weekdays thus it is important to provide your own moving schedule.

13. How to reduce the Moving Costs

There are several ways of reducing the costs of moving including;

14. Discarding excess belongings

Reducing unwanted items is a great way of reducing the cost of the move. This greatly reduces the number of items that need to be moved, saving time and also reducing the weight of the items moved.

15. Provide your own moving supplies

Bubble wraps and boxes can be easily found and acquired for free. This reduces the number of services that you require from the moving companies.

16. Find friends and family to help

Requesting friends and family to help you move not only reduces the services that you require from the moving companies but may also increase the span of time that you require to unpack.

17. Package the items yourself

Packaging your own items yourself is a great way of reducing the services that are costly. Additionally, you can take great care when packaging your own items.

18. Compare prices from different moving companies

You may save some money by just changing the moving company. It is a great idea to check with other moving companies and compare the services and prices to determine the best option.


Moving is considered a bother that is full of stressful experiences. This is why moving companies exist, to reduce the overall stress of moves. Moving companies serve a great purpose, but you should always make sure you get the best value for your money.