Alternative Uses of Houses Purchased in Syokimau

by | Jun 16, 2022

Buying a house is an outstanding achievement and a significant investment for many people. The primary reason for buying a home is to give your loved ones a decent permanent dwelling. However, there are various alternative uses for houses purchased in Syokimau, making it ideal for people looking for residential areas and those looking for investment diversification.

If you are a real estate investor or have a house that you do not use in Syokimau, do not worry. Syokimau houses for sale have multiple uses besides residential housing. Check out some of the alternative uses of houses purchased in Syokimau.

Syokimau houses can be warehouses

Exporters, importers, manufacturers, and wholesalers use warehouses to store goods. Additionally, online business people also need warehousing space to store their items. It helps preserve the goods, ensure continuous product flow, reduce theft risks, and promote trouble-free handling of the items.

The Syokimau houses for sale can be alternatively used as warehouses because:

  • They are strategically located along the Nairobi – Mombasa highway
  • The Syokimau area is close to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, perfect for storing imports and exports.
  • Several manufacturing companies surround the Syokimau area
  • The Syokimau area has a high-security level
  • The area has good weather and tarmacked roads that ease the movement of tracks

Syokimau Houses can be Institutional Offices

Mixed-use development is increasingly becoming popular in most parts of Nairobi and its metro towns. Most residential properties have commercial houses on the lower floors and residential housing on the upper floor. The property developers of Syokimau ensured that the houses for sale offer multiple functions within the same building.

The cost of rent and the need to decongest the Nairobi city center has made most institutions look for affordable office space outside the city. Since the Syokimau neighborhoods are appropriately planned to incorporate multiple land use, their houses are perfect for institutional offices.

Syokimau Houses can be Hospitals

Hospitals and pharmacies are essential parts of residential neighborhoods for their role in ensuring a healthy nation. Whether starting a new hospital or a branch of an existing hospital, Syokimau houses for sale are designed to fit several functions. They already have connections to water and electricity, making them ready to occupy.

Additionally, most stand-alone houses have enough space for expansion, e.g., you can build a waiting bay or use it as a parking lot for patients. Others offer room for vertical extension in case you would like to add additional rooms.

Syokimau Houses Can be Used for Airbnb Business

Airbnb (air, bed, and breakfast) is a business that lets property owners rent their homes to travelers looking for a place to stay. Since Syokimau is near the Jomo Kenyatta International airport, it is perfect for the Airbnb business. Most tourists landing in Kenya prefer Airbnb services to restaurants, especially those on long vacations.

If you have a room or an entire house to rent, you must register your listing on Airbnb stating your location, size of the house, number of rooms, and other essential details. You also need to add a picture of your listing, identification, and phone number.

Syokimau Houses can be Guest House

Most travelers prefer guest houses to hotels and restaurants because they offer more privacy and space. As a result, the guest house business has become an important segment of Kenya’s economy. Syokimau is a prestigious neighborhood with the most magnificent houses for sale. If you make your house a guest house, you will attract JKIA travelers and other Nairobi visitors.

In addition, Syokimau is close to the Standard gauge railway station making it an ideal destination for people traveling by train. For example, a traveler that wants to catch the early train to Mombasa would prefer to stay at a nearby guest house to avoid inconveniences.

Syokimau Houses can be Bars and Restaurants

Most houses in Syokimau sits on large pieces of land that give room for expansion. Additionally, they have modern features such as swimming pools, kids’ play areas, and yards. You can change it to a bar and restaurant if you have such a house. You can also rent it out to people in the bar and restaurant business that wish to expand in the Syokimau area.

Once you have turned your house into a bar and restaurant, other businesses like butchery can also fit in the same areas, increasing your revenue. You will also provide employment opportunities to other people looking for jobs, promoting the economy.


If you are planning to buy a house in Syoikmau or have one that is not occupied, you can consider an alternative use that can generate revenue. All you need to do is choose the most appropriate alternative for your house.

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