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by | Apr 21, 2022

Where is Imara Daima Found in Nairobi?

Imara Daima is an estate in Nairobi bordering Donholm, Fedha, and Pipeline Estates.

Imara Daima is 13 kilometers from the Central Business District.

In which political area is Imara Daima?

Imara Daima is a ward inside Embakasi South Constituency, one of the constituencies in Nairobi County.

What is the Postal Office Code for people living in Imara Daima?

The post office code number for Imara Daima is 00500.

Describe the climate in Imara Daima?

Anyone living in Imara Daima can expect cold weather in the months of June to July.

The area gets warmer and wetter in November, and up to April.

What houses are found in Imara Daima?

In Imara Daima estate, residents can live in relatively expensive apartments ranging from 8 to 9 million Kenyan shillings.

The apartment buildings are well-built with extensive amenities and facilities.

The area also has more affordable rental options for those who may not be looking for permanent residence yet.

Are houses in Imara Daima available for rent?

Imara Daima has very many homes available for rent, specifically apartments.

These houses are preferred due to their proximity to the CBD.

The area also has homes available for sale.

What are some of the Home sizes in Imara Daima?

Tenants as well as buyers looking to rent or invest in Imara Daima will find a variety of house sizes in the estate, with apartment spaces increasing as the rent price goes up.

The choice and option available will depend on what the residents need.

How is the security for those living in Imara Daima?

Thanks to security checks at the entrance for most apartment complexes and estates, Imara Daima is a safe place to live.

Where does water in Imara Daima come from?

Water in this area is obtained from the Nairobi Water company, whose sources include dams like Ndakaini used to collect water outside the city.

Is the water supply in Imara Daima efficient?

Water consumption in Imara Daima is still somewhat manageable because the population density is yet to overwhelm public infrastructure systems.

Shortages may be experienced when the suppliers are forced to ration supply during shortages.

What companies handle water supply in Imara Daima?

The NCWSC is the primary water company in Imara Daima.

For bills, water connections, piping systems, as well as any unexpected outages, residents can visit the company website and ask to be assisted.

What Power Companies operate in Imara Daima?

Kenya Power is the corporation in charge of supplying and distributing electric power to those living and working in Imara Daima.

Are blackouts frequent in Imara Daima?

Special interruptions and temporary power outages are to be expected for those living in Imara Daima.

What education facilities are accessible in Imara Daima?

Kindergarten Education Facilities in Imara Daima

  • The Play House Kindergarten
  • St Bakhita Kindergarten Eagle Plains
  • Diamond Junior School
  • Riara Springs Academy
  • Jabali Christian Schools
  • St. Louis Kindergarten

Primary Education Facilities in Imara Daima

  • Diamond Junior School
  • Riara Group Of Schools, The
  • Aef Reuben Primary School
  • Mukuru Primary School
  • Gramo Joy Pre & Primary School
  • Our Lady Of Nazareth Primary School

Which types of hospitals are available in Imara Daima?

Private Private Care in Imara Daima

  • Imara Health Centre
  • Haven Hospital
  • Imara Daima Medical Centre
  • Nairobi Hospital Mombasa Road
  • 761 International Hospital
  • Supreme Hospital

Public Patient Care in Imara Daima

  • Embakasi Health Centre
  • Lunga Lunga Health Centre
  • Kayole II Sub County Hospital
  • Kenya Defense Forces Memorial Hospital
  • Bahati Health Centre
  • Mlolongo Health Center

Missionary Patient Care Facilities in Imara Daima

  • St Mary’s Mission Hospital
  • Mercy Mission Health Centre

Which Workout Areas are available in Imara Daima?

  • Turtle Dove Fitness Center
  • Muscle Tone Gym
  • Muscle Health & Fitness (K) Ltd
  • Next Level Fitness Gym & Spa
  • Smart Gyms Southfield
  • Fitness 360 South C

Which Beauty Shops are available in Imara Daima?

  • Kasandi Nails and Spa
  • Silk SPA Kenya
  • Olga’s Spa and wellness
  • Neet Beauty Salon
  • The Beauty Hub Salon and Spa
  • Lizaya Hair Studio -Salon, SPA & Barbershop Gateway Mall Syokimau

What Pharmacies are available in Imara Daima?

  • Late Night Chemist – Total Airport View Mombasa Road
  • Fidel Late Night Chemist
  • PrixPharm Chemist/Pharmacy
  • Avivichem Pharmacy
  • Jambo Chemist & Cosmetics
  • Ultracare Pharmaceuticals Limited

What Garages can be found in Imara Daima?

  • Race Auto Garage
  • 6 Hats Garage
  • Roton Africa Garage
  • Marcallexon Volkswagen Garage
  • New Model Auto
  • Samo Auto Centre

Which Car washes can you visit in Imara Daima?

  • Squeaky Sparkle Clean Carwash Mombasa Road
  • Steamers and Cleaners A
  • One Stop Unique Car Wash Mombasa Road
  • Mamba Car Wash
  • Casino Pressure Car Wash
  • New Expert Car Wash

Where can you find food items in Imara Daima?

  • Naivas Supermarket – Imaara Mall
  • Choppies Enterprises Kenya Ltd
  • Naivas Supermarket-Capital Center
  • Tashcom Supermarket
  • Naivas Supermarket-Airport View
  • Bokola Supermarket

Where to buy House items in Imara Daima

  • The Imaara Shopping Mall
  • Gateway Mall
  • Ellyn Home Decor
  • Commercial Centre, Sunrise Park Estate
  • Santon Park, Enterprise Road C
  • House Of Leather & Gifts-Panari

Which Network companies cover Imara Daima?

  • Simbanet Kenya Limited
  • Liquid Intelligent Technologies Kenya
  • Satas Communications Limited
  • Aircell Home Limited
  • Geonet Technologies Limited
  • Voacom Networks Limited

Which Internet providers are based in Imara Daima?

  • Heaven Come Internet Solutions
  • Telecommunication and Internet Service Provider Consultant
  • Wananchi Group Limited-Head Office
  • EcoLink Broadband
  • Sigmanet Wireless
  • Big Data Link Networks
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